The easiest way to win a fight in Free Fire is to be the one who shoots first. If you get the drop on your opponent, you would have a much better chance to kill, even if you have a weaker weapon. This constitutes the strategy aspects of Free Fire - even the most mechanically gifted player can be beaten with a bullet in the back.

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In this article, we would list out the 4 easy steps to get the drop and surprise your enemy.

1 - Be patient and always observe the local area

Free Fire is in third person perspective - and because of this, you would gain a lot of advantage while hiding behind covers. Manipulate the camera to look around for target then decide what to do next based on the situation.


Getting more loots is actually not really necessary after you have gotten your hand on any Assault Rifle - you can just get more gear from other players you kill. That’s why you should not move around much if your goal is to get the Booyah.

2 - Listen to the sound around you

Sound is a great clue for enemy presence - you should always play Free Fire with a headphone. With any headphone equipped, you would be able to detect the direction where the sound is coming from and deal with it appropriately.

3 - Use vantage points


Higher grounds are super underrated in most shooters - people usually would just ignore the vertical axis and focus more on the horizontal one. That’s why you should try to get to the top of structures or hills - as often as possible. You would be able to scout around visually much easier. Just remember to crouch or prone as the high ground is really exposed - enemies can notice and shoot you pretty easily.

4 - Don’t hesitate to retreat

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If you fuck it up, failed to kill your enemy in the first few burst and they are shooting back, it might be a good idea to just retreat to other locations and wait for another chance instead of fighting. A lot of people just get greedy after failing to finish the enemy, leading to an easy comeback kill.

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