Garena Free Fire has a pretty robust system of guns, with almost every single one of them customizable. Weapon modifications are great and all, but you can usually live without them - except for one thing: the scope.

It is an essential part of gameplay in Free Fire, especially when the game is a battle royale with a lot of medium and long-range combat. These scopes would aid players in detecting enemies from afar and increase the accuracy of their shots. In this article, we would go over every type of scope in the game and their usage.

1 - Red Dot Scope

Red Glow

The only scope in Free Fire without any kind of magnification whatsoever - the Red Dot is usually used on close to medium range fights in which you can already see your enemies clearly. Popping it up would let you see your enemy more clearly and increase the accuracy of the gun. Just drop it if you found any other scope - the Red Dot can spawn pretty much everywhere on the map.

2 - 2x Scope

Free Fire Headshot E829

The best close to medium range scope, which can actually aid you in landing headshots and such. It is the easiest scope to be used in-game - if you are not good on the other scopes, this one would be your best practice method.

3 - 4x Scope

Maxresdefault 1

This is the top choice to equip on an assault rifle or long-range DMR like the M14. This scope is something you have to practice on to get better in Free Fire. The 4x magnifier is an excellent level of scout - you can see your enemies and act on it right away, unlike the 8x.

4 - Thermal Scope


This is a special scope first appeared in an arcade game mode, in which the battle royale happens at night. It helps you detect nearby enemies who are hiding in bushes and the like with thermal vision.

5 - Sniper Scope (8x)

Maxresdefault 2

The most powerful scope in-game - the 8x scope come attached to any sniper rifles. Overall, this scope should only be used on sniper rifles, as they are the only gun with the ranges for them.

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