Free Fire is one of the best Free to Play battle royale in the Indian market currently. With the game being forever free, the only way the developers could make money is from cosmetics - that's why these items are rarely given away for free or permanent. Skins can always be bought with diamonds,  of course, but not everyone has the means to purchase diamonds with real money.

Still, there are ways that players can earn various rewards for free - and in this article, we would list out the 3 primary methods.

1 - Events

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While Free Fire usually just force players to roll to get skins, sometimes they do throw people a bone. The best example for this is probably the "Permanent Gun Skin Check In" event or the recent anniversary multi-events. Usually, you would just have to play a couple of games each day to unlock those skins - but in some cases, just logging in is already enough. Last month, there was an event that gave 4 free skins of the Groza, M14, Spas12 and Mp40 for just turning the game on.

2 - Redeem Codes

Garena sometimes releases various unique codes on their various social media - by inputting, them users can get free skins. While codes are given away by a lot of regions, Free Fire Brazil seems to do it the most - it is recommended to follow them on Facebook or Twitter if you are able. You might be able to snag a code in the afternoon, as they are about 10 hours behind India.


After getting your hand on these codes, you need to head to the official redemption site to input them. Usually, there would be various restrictions put on them like activation limit, time limit and such - it is best that you try to activate them as soon as possible.


3 - Elite Pass

While you must buy the elite pass to get your hand on the quality skins, the Free version of the pass also provides some free skins as well, albeit rather plain. You have to collect numerous missions to get the badges for unlocking the rewards - the milestones are pretty high, as they usually would make you work for it if you don't pay real money.

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Overall, these above methods are the only legal way to get free skins. While you can definitely hack to get skins using lulubox or diamond generators and such, they are not to be used for your main account - or even your phone for that matter. Your account and your device are very likely to get banned this way.

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