Groza has been standing on the top of all weapons in Free Fire for a long time - however, that position is now challenged with the addition of the Steyr AUG, another top tier gun in shooter games. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about these two weapons.

1 - Groza

Groza in real life is the OTs-14 Groza "Thunderstorm", a Russian made Bullpup Assault Rifle. Its maker designed the gun for close combat, with various new features added onto the basic frame of the AKS-74U. This does explain the Groza's high damage in Free Fire, however, the super-high range of the gun is really questionable, as Groza is designed for close to medium range fights.


From the stat table of the Groza in Free Fire, we can clearly see that the gun is overpowered. With 61 Damage and 75 Range, the gun has the best stats for its class. Its other stats are also at a respectable level, with Fire Rate and Accuracy at 56 and 54 respectively. The major weakness of the Groza is its rarity - you can rarely get ahold of it, with the gun being a crate-only weapon.

2 - AUG

The AUG's full name is Steyr AUG, an Austrian made Rifle. It is actually a Mobile Weapon System that could be quickly reconfigured into a rifle, a sniper rifle, a sub-machine gun, a carbine or even an open-bolt squad automatic weapon. In-game, for balance purposes, the AUG is only going to be a Rifle.


Stat wise, we can clearly see that it is lower than the Groza in almost all aspects, especially the abysmal accuracy stat of 35, worse than the AK even. This is probably a game balance issue, as the AUG in real life and in other shooters are much more accurate than the usual Rifles. Its strongest stat is fire rate, with a whopping 61. With a high fire rate and low accuracy, the only range that the AUG would be able to compete with the Groza is middle to close range, where accuracy does not really matter.

The AUG is also easier to find than the Groza, as it is possible to find it as a normal drop. It also comes with a pre-equipped 2x scope as well - you can begin to fight right away without having to find a scope.

3 - Verdict

Overall, weapons in Free Fire are designed based on gameplay rather than the real-life version of the gun. With Groza being a special drop weapon, all its stats are buffed over the top while the real-life Groza is not nearly as strong. The AUG is designed super bad, with its accuracy being abysmally low.

Once again, the Groza has managed to defend its position as the best weapon in Free Fire. Interested in more of our Free Fire related articles? Please check out this post to find out more about the Kelly character in Free Fire.