Cosmetic items are a big part of Garena Free Fire. The game offers an incredibly wide selection of character bundles, weapon skins, emotes, and more. Players can acquire these items from the in-game store, the Lucky Royale, or multiple events that take place very often.

Yesterday, Garena introduces a new event in Free Fire called "Musical Ascension". It is only accessible from August 25th to September 7th, 2021. The grand prize featured in this event is the new Enharmonic Treblerock bundle.

Here's what you need to do in order to claim this bundle!

Enharmonic Treble Bundle Spin
The Enharmonic Treble Bundle is available in the Musical Ascension event.

Musical Ascension Event In Free Fire

During the Musical Ascension event, Free Fire survivors can earn Legends Tokens from spinning the draw. Each spin will cost a certain amount of Diamonds. Later, players can exchange the tokens they've obtained for various items in the prize pool. The rewards include two bundles and a fist skin.

Soundwave Thrasher
Slash your enemies with the Soundwave Thrasher.

Each spin costs 20 Diamonds. However, you can choose to purchase a pack of 5 spins for just 90 Diamonds, saving 10 Diamonds. Players will receive one random item per spin from the prize pool.

Additionally, players can trade three items they don't need from their backpacks for another spin.

Enharmonic Treble Bundle Rewards
Check out the available prize pool.

Below is the complete list of rewards that players can acquire from the Musical Ascension event:

  • 1 Legends Token – Soundwave Thrasher
  • 2 Legends Tokens – Jeep Thrash Goth
  • 3 Legends Tokens – Cadencia Treblerock Bundle
  • 4 Legends Tokens – Fist Bump
  • 5 Legends Tokens – Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle
Fist Bump
Collect tokens to exchange for exclusive rewards from the Musical Ascension event.

Note: Players are not guaranteed to obtain a Legends Token in a given number of spins.

How To Acquire The Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle In Free Fire

Take part in the Musical Ascension event, spin to win the Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle in Free Fire. If you don't know how to join the event, please follow the steps down below:

Enharmonic Treble Bundle Spin
Spin to win multiple items. You will need to collect 5 Legends Tokens for the Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle.
  • #1: Open the Luck Royale section and select the Musical Ascension event.
  • #2: Select the desired spin and verify the purchase. Pay Diamonds to purchase spins.
  • #3: Once players have pressed the "Confirm" button, the respective number of diamonds will be deducted from their account, and they will receive the rewards.

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