Free Fire has three classic maps, including Purgatory, Bermuda, and Kalahari. There are many hot-drop locations that you should avoid if you want to play safely. Check out the ten highest-risk drop locations in all three maps here.

#1. Peak (Bermuda)

It's the most crowded place in Free Fire. It's located in the heart of Bermuda, the most favorite map in this battle royale game. This location is on the upper ground, making it a great place to observe the surrounding area. However, there are very few places to hide because you can only find a few compounds and houses in Peak. Therefore, players often have to engage early when landing here with one or two enemy teams.

Peak Is The Hottest Drop Location In Free Fire
Peak Is The Hottest Drop Location In Free Fire Bermuda

#2. Clock Tower (Bermuda)

This is another hot-drop location on the map Bermuda. Like in Peak, early combat is also very common in Clock Tower. The greatest attraction in this south-western drop location is the high rate of loots here. Therefore, there are often two or three teams landing here.

Clock Tower
In Clock Tower, early combat is very common.

#3. Bimasakti Strip (Bermuda)

The next high-risk drop location is also located on Bermuda island. It's pretty near the heart of this island. Therefore, you will have to engage in early gunfights when landing here. It's also a favorite place for pro players who come to get more kills and increase their K/D ratio and rank points, especially at the beginning of each season.

Bimasakti Strip
Bimasakti Strip is often crowded.

#4. Brasilia (Purgatory)

Like the Peak in Bermuda, Brasilia is also situated in the heart of this stunning island. Moreover, it's very rich in supplies spawned in various buildings and compounds. This hot-drop location is also very risky because enemies can attack you from many routes, such as the ziplines.

Brasilia is also situated in the heart of Purgatory

#5 - Refinery (Kalahari)

The Refinery is also located in the center of Kalahari. Therefore, it's often near the flight line. It's one of the highest-risk placed in this game because of its locations and high spawn rate of loots. Moreover, it's also connected to other locations via ziplines.

Refinery Is Also Crowded
Refinery Is Also Crowded

#6. Bullseye (Bermuda)

Bullseye is one of the highest-risk places in Bermuda. This shooting range has a lot of powerful weapons and bullets to loot. Moreover, it's pretty spacious and airy, players can easily spot enemies. Thus, Bullseye is often dangerous and high-risk when you have very few corners to cover in early combat.

#7. Command Post (Kalahari)

It's located among many good-loot locations, such as The Sub, Refinery, Stone Ridge, and Santa Catarina. Therefore, it can be very crowded in the early stages of the match. Command Post has a lot of compounds and warehouses. Many players will land here to loot before rushing Refinery or Santa Catarina.

Command Post
Command Post has a lot of compounds and warehouses.

#8. Marble-works (Purgatory)

This location does not have many houses and buildings but there are two high towers here. Many teams often land here but there are not enough loots for all of them. Therefore, you will have to engage early to take all the loots. You will have a good view from the two towers but nothing to loot there. Moreover, this place is near Quarry, Golf Course, and a river. Enemies can cross the bridge and attack when you are focusing on loots.

Marble Works Purgatory
Marble Works does not have many houses and buildings.

#9. Ski Lodge (Purgatory)

Ski Lodge is also an attractive place that many players often land for loots. It's situated on the west side of this map. There is a big building with a lot of good loots here, such as weapons, grenades, high-level military vests, bullets, and healing items. However, this building becomes a hot battleground when all players landing on Ski Lodge tend to enter this building.

Ski Lodge
Ski Lodge is also an attractive place.

#10. Confinement (Kalahari)

Although Confinement is not located in the central area of this map, it's still a high-risk location on Kalahari because it lies between Santa Catarina and Council Hall, two secondary loot places. Therefore, a lot of players often think that Confinement is safe and prone to land here. As a result, Confinement is more crowded and risky.