Free Fire has a lot of pets to support your character during ranked matches. Here are the top three companions for Free Fire ranked mode in 2021.

#1. Detective Panda

This special pet is one of the most iconic and oldest companions in this game. The special ability called Panda's Blessings of this companion helps your character recover 4 to 10 HP instantly whenever he kills an enemy, based on the level of your pet. It's an ideal pet for aggressive players.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda has Panda's Blessings skill.

This skill is very beneficial for your gameplay in the ranked mode. You will have a bigger advantage over the opponents when having higher health status than the enemies. Moreover, you can save a lot of time in combat because your HP will be stored automatically when you kill enemies. You don't need to stop fighting to use medkits to heal.

#2. Ottero

This cute pet is not only adorable but also helpful in the ranked mode. Its Double Blubber ability helps your character restore 35 to 60 percent EP when using Medkits or a Treatment Gun. Like the Panda's Blessings ability of the Detective Panda, Ottero also makes your rank mode safer and easier.

Ottero is adorable.

You will have an unlimited source of EP during the match. It's very essential in the ranked mode in which you can win or lose in an HP. Besides, you won't have much time to heal in crowded places or a 1v4 situation. This pet is helpful for both aggressive and defensive players.

#3. Spirit Fox

This pet is very beautiful and helpful in ranked matches. Like the two previous Free Fire pets, this companion also has a special ability that helps restore your HP. It's called Well Fed. But it will give you 4 to 10 HP extra when you use healing items. It's helpful for both aggressive and defensive players in Free Fire ranked mode.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox is very beautiful and helpful.