Free Fire's Character system is probably one of the most liked aspects of the game, providing the players with a way to customize their Free Fire characters with useful skills. Characters are not created equal, however - while some are literally broken like Alok, others like Maxim are pretty much useless. Wukong's ability falls into the middle of the pack.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Wukong character in Free Fire.

About Wukong's ability

Wukong's ability is pretty much the most unique skill in Free Fire. While other characters only have boring stat buffs and heals, Wukong can turn himself into a bush. This disguise would let him avoid getting damaged by enemies. You can move around freely while camouflaged.

Free Fire Wukong
Free Fire Wukong

Camouflage lasts for 14 seconds and has a 200-second cooldown at the maximum level. You must stand to use this ability and during its duration, you cannot use any weapons.

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How to Use Camouflage?

Sneak Attacks

You can turn into a bush and flank your enemies... or wait somewhere nearby to ambush them.

You can cancel the skill at any time
You can cancel the skill at any time

Turning into a bush is also the safest way to cross rivers, which are usually swarmed with campers.

Escape from any situations

When attacked, you can just turn into a bush and move to the nearest cover to get away - enemies would not be able to damage you or target you whatsoever. If there are no covers available, create one using Gloo Wall Grenade.

Heal In The Shape Of A Bush
Heal while using Camouflage

You can heal during the skill's duration and continue to fight immediately as well.

What weapons to use on Wukong?

It is recommended that you pack something like a shotgun or sniper rifle - you would have time to carefully aim your shot while the skill is active. Melee weapons are also useful as well - enemies tend to get close while you are camouflaged.

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