Garena has been releasing stronger and stronger characters into the game recently, with Chrono being the strongest one to date. However, there might be a way to counter him - currently, there are 3 characters that have been added to Free Fire's Advance Server but haven't been added to the game for real yet. In this article, we would go through their abilities to find out which one is the strongest and would be able to rival Chrono.

1 - Skyler

Skyler is the first character based on a Vietnamese Celebrity - with the country being where the dev team of Free Fire is from, the fact that a character like this is released is somewhat expected. Apparently, Skyler's ability "Riptide Rhythm" is going to be somewhat similar to K's - with an active component and a passive component.

Free Fire Skyler Collab

At the final level, Riptide Rhythm would Damage 5 Gloo Walls within 100m, 40s CD. If you have a Gloo Wall deployed, heal 7HP/second.

The wording of this skill implies that the effect stacks when you have multiple Gloo Walls deployed, but they said that the effect does not stack right afterward. Overall, this skill is fairly decent - it is worth using for the healing effect alone - the active ability of damaging enemies' Gloo Walls is just a nice bonus on top. Just remember to use this skill before deploying your own wall, as it also damages the walls you created.

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2 - Sverr

Sverr is a top tier MMA fighter who's looking for revenge after losing to Kla in an official match. He was part of the OB24 Advance Server update but wasn't added to the game when the patch hit. Sverr's skill is an active ability called "Going Berserk", which was probably inspired by his background as a "mad" fighter.

Free Fire OB26 Update

Skill effects: By activating the ability, Sverr would sacrifice some HP to get a temporary damage boost. The abilities' statistics increase with levels. At max level, Going Berserk would Consume 30 HP to increase damage output by 20% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 30s.

This ability would be a high-risk high-reward type of skill, as a 20% damage boost is pretty massive. You would have to use the skill in combat, as the duration is fairly short. This is best used in tandem with a healing skill to make up for the HP loss.

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3 - Snowelle

Snowelle is a Lab researcher whose majors are nanotechnology and robotics. Her skill "Nano Nerves" is inspired by her background - it is an active skill that enables her bullets to stop enemies' active skills and regeneration. Based on her background story and the name of the skill, it is likely that the bullets contain nanomachines. She was part of the OB25 Advance Server update but wasn't added to the game when the patch hit.

Free Fire OB26 Update

Skill effects: Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. Its cooldown would be shortened with levels - it would be reduced from 45 to 30 from level 1 to 6. This ability would counter all meta abilities like Alok, K and Chrono's.

Overall, Snowelle would definitely be a required character for high-rank players. If you manage to shoot your enemies when the skill is active, they would be unable to activate their heal and shield.... and even if they already used Alok's heal, no HP would be gained.

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