Awakening is a mechanic that allows players to upgrade a Free Fire character by spending awakening shard and doing tasks. An awakened character gains an extra ability on top of their current one, which makes them much better than the previous version. With the upcoming release of Elite Moco, the roster of Awakened in Free Fire has increased to 4. In this article, we are going to analyze all awakened skills to see which one is the strongest Awakened Character in Free Fire.

1 - Awakened characters skills analysis

Hayato Firebrand

Hayato Firebrand is the awakened form of Hayato. The Firebrand form gains a passive ability called Art of Blades that reduces all frontal damage taken by a certain percentage, as your health gets lower. Overall, this is a decent skill, as damage reduction is always useful.

Hayato Firebrand Free Fire
Hayato Firebrand

As of OB27, Hayato's original Bushido passive skill also gets combined with Art of Blades. This makes melee build more viable, as you can fight armored opponents easier with the bonus armor penetration.

Kelly The Swift

After awakening, Kelly would get a new ability named "Deadly Velocity". After running for 7 seconds, you would get a buff that increases the damage of your first 2 shots to 125%. The buff lasts for 5 seconds. There is no cooldown for this skill and you can activate it repeatedly. This skill retains Kelly's 6% movement speed bonus.

New Kelly
Kelly 'the Swift'

Andrew The Fierce

Andrew the Fierce's awakened ability increases damage reduction to armor by 14%. Furthermore, he also gains an additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill. This bonus stacks on top of the original 12% bonus, which increases his armor damage reduction to 26%. Overall, while this is fairly useful, you would need the whole team to have the passive for it to have the maximum effect.

Awaken Andrew
Andrew The Fierce

Elite Moco

The Awakened version of Elite Moco does not add a new skill - it boosts her old skill instead. The mark from your passive now lasts more than twice as long, up to 6.5s at max level. This means you can now track enemies' locations for 11.5 seconds upon hit with Moco.

With this upgrade, Moco's passive can finally be useful - enemies will be tracked much longer, enabling more opportunities for flanking.

Elite Moco

2 - Which is the strongest awakened character in Free Fire?

Overall, the first two awakened characters, Kelly and Hayato are not worth using. Kelly's passive is too clunky to use and Hayato Firebrand takes your active skill slot. Awakened Andrew is quite similar, as his ability is still fairly weak. While the awakening mechanics have improved the abovementioned characters greatly, they are still too weak to compete in the pro-tier.

In the end, only Moco awakened has the chance to be popular in pro matches. She is scheduled for release on September 10.

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