Following Season 39 'Wildland Walkers' and Season 40 'Quantic Unknown', Garena's 41th Elite Pass for October 2021 is going to be named 'Mesmerizing Nights', with themes based on Ancient Arabic and the tales of 1001 Nights. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Elite Pass Season 41.

1 - About Free Fire Elite Pass Season 41

The Elite Pass Season 41 sets will be mostly inspired by Aladdin, a popular hero in fairy tales. As usual, you can get the male and female bundles, SPAS12 & M249 skins, and various other items. As usual, you can earn Badges from daily and weekly missions, or manually buy them using diamonds.

Season 41 will start on October 1, 2021, and last until the end of the month. Similar to the previous Free Fire Elite passes, you can upgrade from the Free Pass to its Elite version using 500 diamonds. Alternatively, you can also buy the Elite Bundle for 999 diamonds, which includes extra levels and items.

Elite Pass S41
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 41

If you buy the season 41 Elite Pass via pre-order, you will also get a bonus exclusive item with the same theme. It is likely to be a grenade skin, parachute, or melee weapon.

2 - The prize list for Season 41 Elite Pass

Female Bundle

The female bundle, Sultanah of Cerulea, is unlocked at 50 badges. It is an Arabian-inspired set, with the character wearing colorful costumes alongside a veil and headdress. The best part of the set is probably the legs piece, which looks fairly striking with blue and golden ornaments.

Female Bundle
Female Bundle Sultanah of Cerulea

Male Bundle

The male bundle, Sultan of Lapis, is the main prize of the pass and can be unlocked at 225 badges. It is a fairly regal-looking set, with a side-cape and a magic lantern. Apparently, the character can control the power of the Genie.

Male Bundle
Male Bundle Sultan of Lapis

Backpack Skin

The Genie Summoner's sack unlocks at 100 badges. It is one of the most colorful items ever in Free Fire, with the last level having a blue aura effect on its body.

Backpack Skin
Genie Summoner's sack

Surfboard skin

The surfboard skin is based on the flying magic carpet of Aladdin, with particle effects emitting from its back. Unlocks at 150 badges.

Surfboard skin
Magic Carpet

Crate skin

The loot crate skin is based on Genie's lamp itself. It is glowing with a mystical line effect. Unlock at 200 badges.

Crate skin
Dome of Genie

M249 Mesmerizing Nights

The M249 Mesmerizing Nights unlock at 125 badges. It has the same theme as the pass, with special artworks of blue and purple.

M249 Mesmerizing Nights

Male Jacket

The Tale of Eclipse is one of the best looking items from this pass. It is on the free pass and can be unlocked after just 40 badges.

Tale of Eclipse Jacket

Parachute skin

The Lapis Jubilee parachute skin is one of the final rewards of the Free Pass. It looks absolutely gorgeous, with gold and blue decorations. Players can unlock it at 200 badges.

Lapis Jubilee
Lapis Jubilee parachute

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