Free Fire's current ongoing Incubator is ending on Sept 4. The next incubator for 2021, the Project Lava MP5, has just been leaked. It is expected to come out in 2 days, on September 5th. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the Fatal Snarl MP5 Incubator.

Fatal Snarl MP5 Incubator Appearance

The Fatal Snarl Incubator MP5 is literally a piece of molten debris in the shape of an MP5. It definitely looks super cool, as the lava effect is spread equally on all parts of the weapon. Furthermore, there is also a particle fire effect that emits from the lava veins. It has the same color as the lava.

As usual, there will be 4 versions of the MP5 Fatal Snarl, each with a different color.

Project Lava MP5 Incubator
Project Lava MP5 Incubator in OB30

Project Lava MP5 Incubator Stats

Below are the stats of the various versions of the MP5 incubator and their exchange prices. As usual, players can either spin or exchange for the incubator skins with evolution stones and blueprints.


  • Price: 3 blueprints + 7 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Rate of fire (++), Range (+), Reload Speed (-) ]
Mp5 Rogue Lava September 2021 Incubator

The MP5 Rogue Lava is the most expensive version of this Incubator, with a range and rate of fire bonus. Overall, it is decent, but the MP5 is already a very fast weapon so the extra speed does not help much. At least the reload speed demerit is not a problem.


  • Price: 2 blueprints + 5 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Damage (++), Accuracy (+), Magazine (-) ]
Mp5 Frozen Lava September 2021 Incubator

The Frozen Lava probably has the highest DPS amongst the 4 weapons, with a double bonus in damage. The magazine demerit is not too big of a problem, while the accuracy bonus definitely aids the MP5's slightly inaccurate shots.


  • Price: 2 blueprints + 4 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Armor penetration(++), Damage (+), Movement Speed (-) ]
Mp5 Meta Lava September 2021 Incubator

The MP5 Meta Lava also has good DPS, with a double bonus on damage and armor penetration. This is the second best choice after the Frozen Lava. However, the demerit of lowered movement speed is a pretty annoying problem.


  • Price: 1 blueprint + 3 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Range(++), Magazine(+), Reload Speed (-) ]
Mp5 Jungle Lava September 2021 Incubator

The weakest version of the four, MP5 Jungle Lava has bonus on range and magazine, two stats the MP5 does not really need. Overall, you should only get this incubator if you like the color or want to mix it with any other sets.

3 - Which is the strongest MP5 Incubator?

Out of the 4, the MP5 Frozen Lava is actually the strongest. As the MP5 already has a very high fire rate, the extra fire rate bonus from the skin does not matter as much. Extra damage, on the other hand, is much more appreciated. The demerit of the MP5 Frozen Lava is magazine size, which is barely noticeable.

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