When it comes to cosmetic items, Free Fire surely doesn't disappoint. There's a wide selection of skins, bundles, emotes, and more. Out of those, emotes are among the most sought-after items. They allow players to express different actions and can be purchased from the in-game shop using Diamonds.

Triggered Event Ingame
Join the new Triggered Event to get free emotes in Free Fire!

However, if spending money on emotes isn't for you, then look for alternatives! Several events offer tons of free rewards, including emotes in Free Fire. The recent “Triggered” on the BOOYAH! app will be your chance to get some free emotes. Who know you may get the top emotes with the best effects thanks to this event!

Here's how you can join the event and claim your rewards!

Join Free Fire's Triggered Event For Free Emotes

The BOOYAH! app is a dedicated mobile application for content creators and gamers alike. Users can upload, stream, or watch videos of their favorite games on this platform. Every now and then, Garena introduces a little event to attract more people into using the app.

The recent Triggered event is what you want to join for some free emotes. All you have to do is to upload clips and receive your rewards!

Triggered Event Booyah App
Download the BOOYAH! app for countless rewards.

The Triggered event has gone live on September 3rd and will conclude on September 10th, 2021. During this period, users can create and upload an original video on the platform to receive a free emote in Free Fire.

Remember, the clip you upload has to be original. Any copied content will be rejected. The most relevant and engaging videos will become the winners.

How To Participate In Free Fire's Triggered Event

Follow the steps below to join the event and win your free emotes in Garena Free Fire:

  • Download the “BOOYAH!” app from your local app stores. BOOYAH! is available for download on both iOS and Android systems.
  • Log in to the app using the provided methods. Then make sure you bind your Free Fire account to the BOOYAH! account.
  • Click on the banner of the “Triggered” event. The app will automatically direct you to the event's page.
  • Click on the “Join now” button.
  • Upload an original clip to enter the contest. Now all you have to do is to sit tight and wait for the results.
Triggered Event Page
Upload an original video and gain a chance at winning!

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