The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration run 2 months ago, bringing many McLaren-themed skins into the game for players to collect. Recently, Garena has finally added the MCL-FF Final Lap skin into Free Fire, as part of a spin event. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the MCL-FF Final Lap.

1 - How to get MCL-FF Final Lap

This event will run for one week, until September 10, and is going to feature various exclusive rewards. They are not free, however, as users need to spend diamonds for a chance to acquire the items.

MCL-FF Final Lap 
MCL-FF Final Lap and the Speed & Style emote

Players will need to spin for a chance to get an item in the event pool. A single spin costs 40 diamonds. 10+1 spins cost 400 diamonds, which means you get one spin for free. Below is the prize pool for the McLaren Royale event in Free Fire:

  • Speed and Style
  • MCL – FF Final Lap
  • MCL – FF Deep Dive
  • Stereo Sprinter (Top)
  • Stereo Dasher (Top)
  • Stereo Sprinter (Bottom)
  • Stereo Dasher (Bottom)
  • Stereo Sprinter (Shoes)
  • Stereo Dasher (Shoes)
  • 10x McLaren Token – 1
  • 5x McLaren Token – 1
  • 4x McLaren Token – 1
  • 3x McLaren Token – 1
  • 2x McLaren Token – 1
  • 1x McLaren Token – 1
  • Time Travellers Weapon Loot Crate
  • Executioner Weapon Loot Crate
  • AN94 – Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate
  • Midnight Mafia Weapon Loot Crate

The two skins for the MCL – FF Final Lap and the MCL – FF Deep Dive, alongside the Speed and Style emote, are the grand prize of this event. Speed and Style is one of the best special effects emotes ever made, with the user speeding along in a McLaren car, blowing a kiss then pull the car to a stop. The Final Lap looks better than the Deep Dive, as it has an extra particle effect on the back of the vehicle.

Spin for the legendary skins
Spin for the legendary skins in MCL - FF collaboration, including one emote and two cars.

2 - McLaren Tokens exchange shop

If players fail in getting their favorite items, they can exchange the McLaren Tokens for event rewards from the in-game store. This means you are almost guaranteed to get the grand prize after a certain number of spins. Below is the list of all items in the exchange shop.

  • Speed and Style – 50x McLaren Token
  • MCL – FF Final Lap – 35x McLaren Token
  • MCL – FF Deep Dive – 25x McLaren Token
  • Stereo Sprinter (Top) – 8 McLaren Token
  • Stereo Dasher (Top) – 8 McLaren Token
  • Stereo Sprinter (Bottom) – 7 McLaren Token
  • Stereo Dasher (Bottom) – 7 McLaren Token
  • Stereo Sprinter (Shoes) – 5 McLaren Token
  • Stereo Dasher (Shoes) – 5 McLaren Token
  • MCL – FF Final Lap (24 hours) – 5x McLaren Token
  • MCL – FF Deep Dive (24 hours) – 3x McLaren Token

The last part of the skin trio, the MCL-FF Cyber Neon, can be acquired from the top up event. Furthermore, you can also get the Max Throttle backpack skin.

MCL-FF Final Lap
MCL-FF Final Lap has two flashy golden wings effects.

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