Free Fire has been blasting players constantly this year with new events and collaboration with famous brands such as One Punch Man, Street Fighter, CR7,... They are not planning to stop this as more events are ready to be on the way for players to enjoy.

Free Fire X Mclaren Collab
The Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration is one the way with many exciting events for players to enjoy.

The Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration was first introduced by Free Fire 2 months and now it has finally arrived. The collaboration brings to the game a lot of events and of course, a bunch of free rewards as well. There will be a lot of skins and bundles with racing themes. You will be able to turn your boring car into fancy race cars that are worth thousands of dollars.

Here we will make a list of all events in the Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration along with all the free rewards you can get.

1. Race to Ace event (July 23 to August 4)

The Race to Ace event lasts from July 23 to August 4.

During the event, players can earn Chequered Flag Token to boost the speed of their cars. You will get rewards when you finish laps. Here is the list of rewards of Race to Ace event:

  • Lap 1: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Lap 2: x2 Pet Food
  • Lap 3: x3 Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate
  • Lap 4: McLaren Racing Pin
  • Lap 5: McLaren P1 - Mantis
  • After Lap 5: Race To Ace Chest
Race to Ace event Free Fire
Race to Ace event in Free Fire. Complete racing laps in the event to get rewards.

Here are how can get more Chequered Flag Token by doing missions in the Race to Ace event:

  • Login  - x1 Chequered Flag Token
  • Play 3 games  - x1 Chequered Flag Token
  • Play 6 games - x1 Chequered Flag Token
  • Deal 1000 Damage - x1 Chequered Flag Token

Players can also get an extra 10x Chequered Flag Token as after-match drop rewards in any mode.  Later into the event, players can obtain different cars and change to a car with higher speed.

2. Roadster Studio event (July 28 to July 31)

The Roadster Studio event starts from July 28 to July 31. The reward for this event will be McLaren Monster Truck skin.

In this event, players will get to customize their own cars. They will then share their design to get clicks from other people or play games to get rewards from the milestones in the event to get rewards. More details about the event will be revealed in the future.

This is another event for you to get some easy rewards from the Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration. You just need to either get some likes for your design on Facebook or play matches.

3. Play For Rewards event (July 29 to August 1)

From July 29 to August 1, players can earn a McLaren male bundle by playing one game in Free Fire. This bundle will be given away for free so remember to check the news so you don't miss it in the Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration.

Your missions will likely require you to play some matches in Free Fire in Convoy Crunch mode or Classic mode to claim this bundle. Either way, they are very simple missions.

McLaren free male bundle in the collaboration in Free Fire.

4. Login Reward event (July 31 to August 1)

From July 31 (5:30) and August  1 (5:29), log in to Free Fire to claim a McLaren Racing Backpack. The backpack has a really modern design using yellow as the main color.

Mclaren Backpack Free Fire
Get the Mclaren Backpack skin in Free Fire by logging in during the event.

5. New Mode: Convoy Crunch event (July 31 to August 2)

From July 31 and August 2, there will be a new mode called Convoy Crunch. The reward for playing this mode is a McLaren parachute skin.

In this mode, 8 players will be split into 2 teams. Your mission is to protect your car until it reaches its destination or prevents the enemy's car from doing so. You can break the car by shooting at it and the enemy can repair it by standing next to it.

There is a total of 3 rounds. At the start of each round, players can choose 1 set of weapons out of 6 sets of weapons. The team who won 2 rounds first wins the whole match.

In this mode, you can win quite easily if you know how to use Grenades smartly. It is not hard at all when most of the enemies will try to stay around the vehicle.

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