With the release of Dimitri and Thiva in OB29, Free Fire's character roster has swelled to an unprecedented size. This might cause difficulty for new players, especially if they want to get a new character to improve their gameplay. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most useful Free Fire characters for beginners in OB29.

1 - Alok

Based on the Anniversary Quiz, Alok has been the most popular character in the game for the last year. There is a reason that the DJ is so popular: Alok's skill is strong and easy to use.

Drop the Beat provides players with extra speed and HP regen, the two needed buffs for rushing. Most new players focus on rushing to get used to the game, therefore, having Alok's aura would be best. Furthermore, the skill also has a long duration and short cooldown - even if you activate it at the wrong time, it would not be a problem.

Dj Alok Ff
Alok is one of the most popular characters new players should get in OB29.

2 - D-Bee

D-Bee is one of the newer characters in the game. His Bullet Beats ability lets players get much better accuracy when they move and shoot at the same time. This is one of the few things new players often do while getting used to Free Fire... and an improvement in accuracy would definitely help.

This ability synergizes pretty well with one of the most popular weapons for close quarter combat in Free Fire, the MP40. It has poor range and low accuracy, which results in poor performance in some situations and reduces your chance for headshots. D-Bee's ability fixes that problem.

3 - Maro

If you are not a fan of going close and personal, Maro's passive is probably one of the easiest and most straightforward to use. Unlike other skills with cooldown and conditions, the only thing Falcon Fervor does is increase damage based on the distance between players and the target.

With Maro's ability equipped, players' performance on long range weapons would be moderately improved.

Falconer Maro
Maro has one of the easiest characters new players should get in OB29.

4 - Miguel

Unlike other games, Free Fire has a secondary heal system called EP. These points are consumed to restore players' HP over time. Miguel's ability, Crazy Slayer would reward you with 80 EP for every kill, enough to recover your HP to full in minutes. This eliminates your need of consuming medkits and keep your HP high at all times.

The reason new players should buy this character is that his skill covers one of their biggest weaknesses, inefficient usage of healing items.

5 - Wukong

If you want to have fun by causing confusion, Wukong is probably the funniest character to pick. While other characters have skills that boost their stats and such, Wukong's Camouflage is fully tactical. Upon activation, the skill turns players into a bush, enables them to hide in plain sight.

Overall, this allows inexperienced players to play more passive and hide at a moment's notice. While Camouflage has a pretty high cooldown, it refreshes after a kill, which means new players can use it whenever they want without much problem.

Free Fire Wukong
Wukong is one of the strongest characters new players should get in OB29.

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