Free Fire has a huger collection of skins and bundles. Most of them are available in their respective events and will be gone once the events are over. However, sometimes, Free Fire brings back skins that many people love so they can have a chance to get them.

In the latest Free Fire Rapper's Wish event, Free Fire has brought back the M1887 Rapper Underworld skin. Let's find out how you can get it.

Free Fire Rapper's Wish Event

Free Fire Rapper's Wish Event lasts from August 30 to September 6. The event features the Big Buck Vibe Bundle, the Big Bucks Rapper Bundle, and the M1887 Rapper Underworld skin.

In this event, you need to use Diamonds to get items from the Wish pool. You can spend 20 Diamonds to wish one time or 200 Diamonds to wish 11 times. Items you already owned will be removed from the prize pool you will have a better chance to get the item you want.

Free Fire Rappers Wish
Free Fire Rapper's Wish event

Here are the unique prizes from the Free Fire Rapper's Wish event:

  • M1887 Rapper Underworld
  • The Big Buck Vibe Bundle
  • The Big Bucks Rapper Bundle
  • Underworld Curl knife
  • VSS Rapper Underworld
  • Monster Truck Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • Motor Bike Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • The Victor
  • SII!!
  • Chrono's backpack
  • Time Bender
  • Cyber Bounty Backpack
  • Portal Reactor Loot Box
  • Underworld Boombox
  • Chrono's Surfboard
  • Rapper Underworld Surfboard
  • Enter Chrono Parachute
  • Rapper Underworld Parachute
  • Rapper Underworld Avatar
  • Gangster Tempo
Free Fire Rappers Wish Event
You need to spend Diamonds to wish in the Free Fire Rappers Wish event.

M1887 Rapper Underworld stats

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Accuracy -

The M1887 Rapper Underworld is one of the best M1887 skins in Free Fire. It provides 2 Rate of Fire buffs and 1 Reload Speed, allowing the weapon to burst enemies down and come back faster.

M1887 Rapper Underworld
M1887 Rapper Underworld skin

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