As one of the most popular games around the world, Free Fire has a lot of popular content creators on YouTube. Many of them have already got a massive success with millions of subscribers on YouTube while some are just starting out. Flame R Free Fire is a rising YouTuber from Bangladesh. He is known for having great videos editing skills. While he doesn't say anything in his videos, they have really beautiful animation and effect, making them stand out from other YouTubers.

In this article, we will show you Flame R Free Fire ID, stats, YouTube channel, and more.

Flame R Free Fire ID and stats

Flame R Free Fire ID is 100389237.

His account is currently at level 73 which is quite high among most players. It means that he has been playing Free Fire for quite a long time. Flame R Free Fire reach Heroic rank in both Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad in the previous seasons. He also already reached Heroic rank in this season.

Flame R Free Fire
Flame R Free Fire ID and in-game profile

Flame R Free Fire is currently in guild BDARMY71, which is actually the same guild as Mr. Triple R Free Fire.

His Battle Styles are Peace Maker and Guerrilla. His character features a black long sleeve shirt and pants with a black mask and white hair.

For someone who has reached Heroic frequently in all modes, we can expect that Flame R is a really good Free Fire player. Let's check out his life stats in the Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode below.

Battle Royale lifetime stats

In Squad mode, Flame R has played a total of 11850 games and won 2503 of them. His win rate is 21%. He accumulated a total of 39725 kills, which translates into a 3.35 K/D ratio.

In Duo mode, the Youtuber played a total of 2775 games with 396 victories, which makes up a win rate of 14.2%. He got a total of 7899 kills in Duo mode. His total K/D ratio is 2.84.

In Solo mode, Flame R played a total of 2135 games and won 215 of them, which translates to a 10% win rate. His K/D ratio in this mode is 2.4 with 5103 kills in total.

Flame R Free Fire 1
Flame R Free Fire lifetime stats in the Battle Royale mode.

Just like many other Free YouTubers, Flame R mostly plays Squad in Battle Royale mode while barely play the other 2 modes anymore. The reason is that there is more strategy aspect in Squad mode and fewer random factors. Thus, it actually takes more skills and less luck to win a Squad match.

His playstyle across all three modes is the same aggressive playstyle that focuses on getting kills.

Clash Squad lifetime stats

In Clash Squad, Flame R played a total of 2297 matches and won 1543 of them. That is an astounding win rate of 67.17%. He has a very aggressive playstyle, thus a K/D/A of 2.53 with 15528 kills. His headshot rate is very high at 52.63%, making him a dangerous opponent to go against.

Flame R Free Fire 2
Flame R Free Fire lifetime stats in the Clash Squad mode.

Note that these stats are recorded at the moment of writing this article and they are subjected to changes in the future.

Flame R YouTube channels

The Flame R YouTube channel is his main channel with 600k subscribers. The channel was created less than a year ago in July 2020 but it is growing quite fast already. He mostly uploads gameplay videos on his channel. The channel is currently having a total of 38 million views.

Flame R Free Fire 3
Flame R has a really epic style of video editing for his Free Fire videos.

However, all of his videos including really cool unique 3D animations and great music, making them much more entertaining to watch. Also, most of his videos are only 1 or 2 minutes long, while most other YouTubers use longer videos.

How to edit videos like Flame R FF

Since the videos of Flame R has quite some amazing effects, many people love to know how he did it. It is actually not that hard to do those effects and editing. You can actually edit your video like that using an app on your Android using Kine Master.

In Kine Master, download the Color Isolation effect and choose the color you want to show while making other colors black and white. You can see more details about how to do it in the video below.

There is only a simple trick to make your video look good. There are a lot more things in Kine Master you can do to make your Free Fire videos more epic and it going to take some time for you to learn and use all of them.

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