Among many Free Fire YouTubers, Mr. Triple R is among the people who have crossed the milestone to have millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Mr. Triple R's real name is Rejaur Rahman Resvy. He is a Free Fire YouTuber from Bangladesh, and is known for the amazing skill and gameplay that he shows in his videos.

As he is quite a famous streamer, many fans from the Free Fire community are looking for Mr. Triple R's Free Fire ID and get to know more about him. If you are looking for his Free Fire ID, stats and other facts, then you have come to the right place. Check everything about Mr. Triple R below!

Mr Triple R
The signature outfit of Mr. Triple R is a suit with a purple rabbit mask.

Mr. Triple R's Free Fire ID and stats

Mr. Triple R's Free Fire ID is 728027523. His Free Fire account is currently at Level 74, which is quite impressive among most players, but still far from Free Fire highest level accounts.

Mr. Triple R is currently in a Free Fire Level 4 Guild named BDarmy71. His profile is currently having 19433 likes since he is a popular player. He reached Heroic in the Battle Royale Ranked Season 21 and Season 22. He didn't reach Heroic in Clash Squad Ranked Season 21 and is currently in Gold IV in Clash Squad Ranked Season 22.

His character has a unique look with a black suit and a scary purple bunny mask.

Mr Triple R Free Fire Id
Mr. Triple R's Free Fire ID and profile

Thanks to his amazing in-game skill, Mr. Triple R has become one of the most-watched Free Fire players on YouTube. Here, we will take a look at his lifetime stats in both Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode in Free Fire.

Mr. Triple R's Battle Royale lifetime stats

In Squad mode, the Bangladesh streamer has played a total of 4184 games and accumulated 685 victories. His win rate is 16.37%. With a total of 11456 kills, his K/D ratio is 3.27.

In Duo mode, Mr. Triple R plays a total of 1776 games and won 333 of them. That means his win rate in Duo mode is 8.81%. He got a total of 13411 kills, which translates to a K/D ratio of 3.9.

In Solo mode, he played a total of 4445 games and got 577 victories to his name, which is a win rate of 12.98%. He eliminated 14356 enemies and earned a K/D ratio of 3.71.

Mr Triple R Free Fire
The lifetime stats of Mr. Triple R in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire

Mr. Triple R is among one of the few players who play all modes in the Battle Royale mode evenly. Many famous Free Fire YouTubers play mostly in Duo and Squad mode. As for Mr. Triple R, the number of games he has across 3 modes is about the same.  Actually, Solo is the mode that he played the most.

Mr. Triple R's Clash Squad lifetime stats

The streamers have played a total of 620 Clash Squad and won 376 of them. His win rate is quite high at 60.65%. He accumulated a total of 3900 kills and a K/D/A ratio of 2.33. What's impressive is that the number of times he became the MVP of the match is even more than the number of his victories.

The Clash Squad mode seems to be not the favorite mode of Mr. Triple R as we can see that he doesn't play it a lot. Yet, his skill still shines with a great win rate and K/D/A ratio.

Note that these stats are recorded at the moment of writing this article and they are subjected to changes in the future.

Mr Triple Clash Squad
The lifetime stats of Mr. Triple R in Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Mr. Triple R's YouTube channels

Rejaur Rahman Resvy has 2 YouTube channels, Mr. Triple R and Mr. No Face.

The Mr. Triple R channel currently has 3.66 million subscribers. The channel was created in December 2018 and has generated more than 548 million views. Most of his videos are gameplay and challenge videos about Free Fire. The most-watched video on his channel is currently having 4 million views.

Meanwhile, the Mr. No Face channel is currently having 432 thousand subscribers. It is also a channel about Free Fire gameplay videos.

Mr. Triple R's income

According to Social Blade, he got a total of 33 million views over the last 30 days. With the rate of Rs 24 per 1000 views, Mr. Triple R made approximately 8 Lakh from his YouTube channel over the last 30 days.

Mrtripler Free Fire
Social Blade shows that Mr. Triple R YouTube channel got a total of 33 million views over the last 30 days.

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