Garena just announced the pre-registration for Free Fire Max on August 29. This is great news for all Free Fire players who want a brand new Free Fire experience with great graphics and exclusive features. Moreover, people who join the event will receive exclusive Free Fire Max rewards. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Free Fire Max rewards redemption and more.

1. Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption

Here, we are going to round up all the rewards you can get from the Free Fire Max pre-registration and how to earn them.

Pre-registration milestones

When Free Fire Max reaches a certain number of pre-registers, players will receive free rewards. Here is the list of rewards:

  • 5 million users - Max Raychaser pant skin
  • 10 million users - A 2 Gold Royale Voucher
  • 15 million users - Max Raychaser Facepaint
  • 20 million users - Cyber Max Skyboard
  • 30 million users - Max Raychaser head skin

Currently, there are more than 1 million users who pre-registered for Free Fire Max in India.

Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption
Players will get rewards when the pre-registration reaches a certain number of players.

Invite friends rewards

Players will get certain rewards for inviting friends to pre-register for Free Fire Max, up to 5 friends.

  • 1 user - Max Raychaser shoe skin
  • 2 users - Max Raychaser mask skin
  • 3 users - Max Raychaser shirt skin
  • 4 users - Cyber Max Loot Box
  • 5 users - 10 Diamond Royale Vouchers
Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption 1
You will get up to 5 rewards when you invites 5 friends to the pre-registration for Free Fire Max.

Get your invite link by tapping on the Invite Now button. Copy the link and shared it with your friends. They need to use that link to pre-register to Free Fire Max for you to get the rewards.

Invite Friend Free Fire Max
Copy your invitation link and share it with your friends.

Top 50 invite rewards

If you manage to get into the top 50 people who invite the most friends, you will get an exclusive Max Raycatchser bundle.

Players who have the same number of invites as the top 50th players will also get the reward.

Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption 2
The top 50 players who invite the most friend will get the Max Raycatchser bundle.

How to get rewards from the Free Fire Max pre-registration

You will be able to claim the rewards above when the criteria are met when Free Fire Max is released. There will be a Reward Redemption page in Free Fire Max. You can claim your rewards from there (not from the pre-registration website).

Garena has yet to reveal the release date for Free Fire Max but it is expected to come in a few weeks.

Also, one important note about Free Fire Max rewards redemption, you can only claim the rewards in Free Fire Max if you use the same account used for pre-registration.

Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption 3
Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption FAQ

2. How to pre-register for Free Fire Max

The pre-registration for Free Fire Max starts on August 29, 2021. You can pre-register for the game use using the Free Fire Max pre-register for Android link.

Free Fire Max is currently open for Beta testing in several regions such as Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam for both iOS and Android users. As for India, players can only pre-register for the game at the moment. Also, the release date of Free Fire Max is not announced yet. Check out the social media of Free Fire to get the latest updates.

3. Free Fire Max system requirements

Since Free Fire Max features better graphics and high FPS gameplay, the game is going to have more system requirements than Free Fire. The game needs more than 1.5 GB of free storage and more than 2GB of RAM.

4. New features of Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max will have identical gameplay with Free Fire but with improved graphics performance and a realistic battleground experience. There will be more enhanced features that have to improve the playing experience of players. Thus, the game also requires a higher spec.

  • Craft Land: A brand new game mode that allows players to build their own map. Players will be able to place houses items, obstacles, ... etc, and then play the map.
  • 360-degree lobby: This is where players can enjoy and show off their favorite skins and bundles.
Free Fire Craft Land
You can create your own map in Free Fire Max Craft Land.

Players can use their old Free Fire account to log in to Free Fire Max and retain all their processes, items in the game. Players are free to switch between 2 Free Fire and Free Fire Max and the information will be synced in both games.

Free Fire Max Feature
You can show off your skin in the new 360 lobby feature.

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