Guns play a big part in how a shooting game like Garena Free Fire works. They're the primary and secondary weapons that you will find yourself using all the time. Hence, it would make sense to have the best gun possible to increase your chance of winning. And today, we're talking about the Desert Eagle in Free Fire.

Dessert Eagle Feature
The Dessert Eagle is a legendary pistol model.

The Desert Eagle is a legendary pistol that manages to make its way to almost every title in the shooting genre. It makes a great secondary weapon with insane damage output and reliable performance. Here's how you can get it in Free Fire.

How To Acquire Desert Eagle In Free Fire

If you're playing Battle Royale mode, you do not need to purchase any gun, including the Desert Eagle. All you have to do is to find and loot one.

However, you will need to buy a Desert Eagle in Clash Squad mode. Before starting a Clash Squad match, the game gives you the option to purchase a gun of your choice. If players want to pick up the Desert Eagle, it will cost 800 Diamonds. Select the Desert Eagle from the buy menu and tap the “Buy” option.

Dessert Eagle Clash Squad
You have to buy the DE for 800 credits in Clash Squad.

Also, there's a question in the 4th anniversary Daily Quiz about the price of the Desert Eagle in Free Fire. Now you know the answer. Go into the game right now, finish the quiz, and claim your free rewards.

Desert Eagle Stats In Free Fire

The Desert Eagle has the best damage output for a pistol in Free Fire. It deals incredibly high damage at great accuracy. And being a handgun, you can maneuver around quite easily with a DE in hand. The biggest drawback of this pistol is its magazine size. You have very few bullets to work with, meaning you have to aim perfectly.

The Desert Eagle offers good reload speed and range. It's a decent pickup for mid-range combat. The rate of fire is a bit on the slow side though. Again, you have to aim your shot perfectly. If you miss it, there's a pretty good chance you will lose.

You can equip the Desert Eagle with a silencer and muzzle attachment to increase accuracy.

 Dessert Eagle
Dessert Eagle Stats

Here are the exact attributes of the Desert Eagle:

  • Damage – 90
  • Rate of Fire – 33
  • Range – 74
  • Reload Speed – 69
  • Magazine – 7
  • Accuracy – 45
  • Movement Speed – 76
  • Armor Penetration – 0

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