Garena has been adding characters to Free Fire every patch to freshen up the gameplay for players. Currently, the newest character added to the game is Thiva, based on a famous DJ named Like Mike. His real-life brother, Dimitri Vegas, has already made his debut a few days ago as Dimitri, Thiva's in-game brother. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Thiva in Free Fire.

Thiva in Free Fire
Thiva in Free Fire is topless, wearing nothing but his tattoos. That is the signature appearance of the real-life version during concerts.

1 - Who is Thiva?

Thiva character in Free Fire

Thiva is the younger brother of Dimitri in Free Fire and a musician. He was born with musical talent and has been playing music throughout his childhood. Thiva really wants to help the world and improve people's lives using his musical talent. He swore to reach the hearts of the people by sending messages with his music.

Thiva in real life

Similar to their in-game version, Like Mike is the younger brother of Dimitri Vegas, and they make up one of the best DJ duos in the world. Their real names are Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios.

They were ranked #1 on DJ mags' Top 100 DJs list 2 times, in 2015 and 2019, and #2 in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. As part of the 4th-anniversary celebration, Garena has called them alongside Alok and KSHMR to create a new song called "Reunion". With their addition, the number of DJ characters in Free Fire has risen to 4.

2 - Thiva's ability in Free Fire

Vital Vibes: Rescue (help-up) speed increases. Upon a successful rescue, the user gradually recovers a small amount of HP in 5 seconds.

  • Level-1: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 5%. User recovers 15 HP in 5s.
  • Level-2: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 8%. User recovers 20 HP in 5s.
  • Level-3: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 11%. User recovers 25 HP in 5s.
  • Level-4: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 14%. User recovers 30 HP in 5s.
  • Level-5: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 17%. User recovers 35 HP in 5s.
  • Level-6: Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 20%. User recovers 40 HP in 5s.

Thiva's ability has been nerfed slightly comparing to the Advance server version. In the OB29 test server, the skill provides users with HP instantly instead of over a period of 5 seconds. Overall, Thiva's Vital Vibes needs to be maxed for its full potential - you get four times the speed and more than double the heal.

Appearance of Thiva
The appearance of Thiva character in Free Fire

The best part of Thiva's Vital Vibes is the rescue speed increase, of course. In Free Fire combat, every second matters. If you manage to get your teammate up just a moment faster, you would be able to throw up a gloo wall, escape or shoot approaching enemies. There is a reason that Maxim's Gluttony is super popular in high-rank games now... and Vital Vibes is designed in the same way.

3 - How to get Thiva character in Free Fire?

Garena has decided to give away Thiva to all players who log in during Free Fire 4th Anniversary's peak day, August 28. The character is considered a login reward... therefore, the offer will only be available for 24 hours, from 4 AM August 28 to 4 AM August 29. Afterward, you have to buy Thiva normally with diamonds if you want to have him.

To claim Thiva, just access the event interface and click on the "login reward" button. It is likely that this character would get some buffs from Garena in later patches.

Thiva in Free Fire
Thiva in Free Fire will be given away for free as part of the 4th Anniversary.

4 - Skill combo for Thiva

With Thiva's ability being a passive skill, you can combo it with any other skills in the game, but still there are the best combos with Thiva you may refer to. Thiva's ability should be used as part of a rusher combo, as campers or snipers do not rotate and help teammates very often.

Active skills to combo with Thiva

Thiva's ability should be picked in combination with any crazy rushing skills like Chrono's Time Turner or Alok's Drop the Beat. The latter has the best synergy - you can just drop the shield and revive your teammate on the spot.

Fast healing skills like K's Master of All, A124's Thrill of Battle or Xayne's Extreme Encounter is also decent alternatives.

Reviving teammates with Vital Vibes
Reviving teammates with Vital Vibes, the passive of Thiva in Free Fire.

Passive skills to combo with Thiva

Thiva's skill has great support potential - you can even combo it with Kapella and Olivia's abilities to create a "super healer" character that restore teammates to half HP each rescue. This aside, Thiva's ability could go with nearly any passive, as long as they are suitable for a rusher build, like Hayato or Kelly.

5 - Weapon combo for Thiva

As Thiva's skill is a defensive passive that does not link to any weapon type, it is fairly versatile and can be used in many weapon combos. However, as reviving teammates is common to rushers, players should use an AR or SMG in combination with Vital Vibes. Any AR would do, and close range weapons like the MP40 can be a great alternative backup.

6 - How good is Thiva in Clash Squad?

With Clash Squad being a team based mode, players have to revive their teammates rather often. This ensures that you would have your chance to use Thiva's ability. Furthermore, medkits are used sparingly in clash squad, as you have to pay for them instead of just looting. This makes the extra heal from Thiva's passive valuable.

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