Free Fire has been adding characters very frequently, with each update usually having at least one new character. Garena adds characters based on collaborations most of the time, and the latest one is Dimitri Vegas + Like Mike. While Like Mike's Thiva is not here yet, Dimitri Vegas has already made his debut as "Dimitri" earlier this month. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Dimitri in Free Fire.

Dimitri in Free Fire
Dimitri character in Free Fire is a sound engineer turns DJ.

1 - Who is Dimitri in Free Fire & real life?

In-game lore

Dimitri is the elder brother of Thiva and a sound engineer. Previously, he would spend most of his time at the lab developing new sound technology day after day. After finding out his passion for music, Dimitri gains a new dream. He realizes that he can help the world and improve people's lives using his technological creations.

Dimitri in real life

Similar to their in-game version, Dimitri in real life, Dimitri Vegas, is the brother of Like Mike, and they make up one of the best DJ duos in the world. Their real names are Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios.

They were ranked #1 on DJ mags' Top 100 DJs list 2 times, in 2015 and 2019, and #2 in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. As part of the 4th-anniversary celebration, Garena has called them alongside Alok and KSHMR to create a new song called "Reunion". With their addition, the number of DJ characters in Free Fire has risen to 4.

2 - Dimitri's ability in Free Fire

Healing Heartbeat: Creates a 3.5m healing zone. Inside the area, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up.

  • Level-1: Lasts for 10s, CD 85s.
  • Level-2: Lasts for 11s, CD 80s.
  • Level-3: Lasts for 12s, CD 75s.
  • Level-4: Lasts for 13s, CD 70s.
  • Level-5: Lasts for 14s, CD 65s.
  • Level-6: Lasts for 15s, CD 60s.

Dimitri's ability has been nerfed slightly comparing to its Advance server version. Overall, this skill is much stronger when maxed - you get 50% increased duration and cut the cooldown by almost 40%. It is also a pretty strong healing aura, albeit slower than Alok - you get 45HP regen over 15 seconds.

Dimitri in Free Fire

The best part of the ability, however, is the "self revive feature". You can help your teammates get up by just moving near them and activating the aura, which saves a lot of time. This is super effective in both saving teammates and reviving yourself in aim duels - you can just activate this ability while next to a waist-high cover.

3 - How to get Dimitri character in Free Fire?

In the previous event, Dimitri was available as a free top-up reward. However, it is over, and now you need to buy him in the store for 499 diamonds. You can reduce that to 399 with a discount coupon... and there is a slight possibility that he would be on discount for 299 later in the gift store.

Just be careful while buying him - it is pretty likely that Dimitri will be nerfed by Garena later, just like Chrono. Currently, he is slightly overpowered.

Dimitri Top Up
The Dimitri Top-up event is already over.

4 - Skill combo for Dimitri

With Dimitri's ability being an active skill, you can combine it with 3 other passives. There are 2 types of combo with Dimitri's skill: rush and camp.

Rusher combo with Dimitri

This variant does not use Dimitri's reviving ability well. If you lose in a close-range fight, it is highly likely that enemies will just finish you afterward. However, being a rusher who main Dimitri allows you to go second and support your teammate who goes first. If the guy is already down, you can cover while activating the aura to help him get back to his feet.

The best characters to combo with Dimitri as a rusher are Hayato, Shirou, Kelly and Jota, who are excellent in close-range fights.

Shirou Best Combination And Guide
Aim duels at a safe spot are where Dimitri can shine.

Camper/Sniper combo with Dimitri

Dimitri's ability is godly in an aim duel. You can just resurrect yourself if you lose a duel during the skill's duration, as long as you have a cover when crouched down. For Camper/Sniper Dimitri, the best abilities are Maro, Laura, Rafael and Dasha.

They are all geared toward aggressive aim duels, which covers the weakness that a defensive skill in Free Fire like Healing Heartbeat would have.

5 - Weapon combo for Dimitri

Similar to Alok's healing aura, Dimitri's skill is highly versatile and can be used in combination with any weapons. However, people usually want to rush close to aid their teammates with the aura, so having a specialized weapon like the MP40 would definitely help. For range aim duels, it is best to stick with either a high damage assault rifle (AK, Groza), a DMR (SVD, woodpecker), or a sniper rifle (AWM, M82B).

Mp40 Free Fire
The MP40 is the most popular and effective weapon in Free Fire last year.

6 - How good is Dimitri in Clash Squad?

Overall, Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat is super useful in Clash Squad. If you get taken down next to a cover with the skill up, and the enemy can't finish you off immediately, just crawl near it and revive yourself.

Rescuing teammates in Clash Squad is much easier with Dimitri, as enemies will not be able to ambush you while you are helping your teammate up. Just activate the skill and wait there looking out.

Dimitri in Free Fire
Dimitri in Free Fire Clash Squad is actually pretty helpful.

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