The final goal of all Free Fire players is to get a Booyah a.k.a being the last one standing. However, a lot of players aren't really clear about this - they keep rushing to their death early. There is a reason that placement points are important in pro matches... sometimes even more than kills. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best tips and tricks to avoid early deaths in Free Fire Squad Mode.

5 - Stick together as a team

Landing and staying together is crucial when playing as a squad. Less experienced players often becoming too greedy and land away from their squad. While they might secure more loot for some easy kills, they can also get the table turned on them without backup.

If the lone wolf player gets pinned down, the rest of the squad might have to mount a rescue... This is a fairly risky thing to do and might get the entire team killed.

Landing in Free Fire
Landing together with your team is important.

4 - Don't chase enemy players

It is important that you don't over-commit in the early stages and chases after enemy players. If you failed to finish a foe and he is escaping, just pick the safe option and let them escape.

In squad mode, there's always backup from the enemy team. You could be lured out of position when chasing and taken down by other enemies.

3 - Try to rotate early

If your squad is inexperienced or uncoordinated, it might be harder to rotate when the circle begins to shrink. In this case, it is best to just move out early as fast as you can.

This also depends on your landing location. If you land on hot drops, the best strategy is to stay put and camp for enemies. Just be careful when looting a dead player, as other people might jump on you from a different angle.

The shrinking safe zone is dangerous
The shrinking safe zone is dangerous.

2 - Communicate with your team to heal

Getting enough medkits is very important in Free Fire squad mode. It is best to save them by communicating and activating healing abilities in a group. Players should always prioritize picking up medkits, as they are always useful.

It is best to heal right away after taking more than 50 damage, with either medkits or skill. Getting your health as high as possible at all times will prevent unlucky deaths.

1 - Know when to retreat

It is important that you know when to fall back when enemies are pushing and getting the upper hand. Getting sniped in an aim duel just because you have low HP is not fun. If you are getting shot at first, just run and heal before coming back.

Don't try to save medkit and gloo if you are in danger. It's better to waste a few medkits and use gloo walls while retreating, rather than waste an entire match by dying early on in the game.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Gloo Wall is a good way to escape enemy fire in Free Fire Squad Mode

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