August is the biggest month for Free Fire every year, as it has the game's anniversary. Garena usually gives out a lot of free items during events that lasted the whole month. Amongst the cosmetic rewards, the Magic cube event is probably the top fan favorite. In this article, we are going to show you how to get a free Magic Cube in Free Fire 4th Anniversary.

How to get the free Magic Cube in Free Fire?

Garena will not give away the magic cube outright - you must gain enough fragments to exchange for it. Rest assured, the amount of free fragments that you can get is 100, just enough for 1 Magic Cube.

4th anniversary
Free Fire's 4th anniversary is going to be just as big as the previous ones, however, you can't pick your free character anymore.

The event will happen on Free Fire 4th Anniversary's peak day, August 28th. Players must play and win matches during it... and at the end of each match, Magic Cube fragments will drop. Apparently, you will get 25 per match - the result of the match itself does not matter, as the same amount would be distributed regardless.  Below is the leaked Event Calendar of Free Fire 4th anniversary.

Free Fire does not give away magic cubes very often, so getting your hand on those sets in the magic cube shop is pretty hard if you are a free-to-play player. Therefore it is vital to be online on August 28 to get all the free prizes.

About the Free Fire Magic Cubes

Free Fire is a free-to-play game... and to make money to maintain the server and fund the devs, they have been selling various cosmetics, gun skins and the like. Since Free Fire's debut, there have been a lot of cosmetic bundles released. Most of them are from events, and when the events are over, they are also removed from the game.

You can exchange the fragments for a magic cube in the game's Redeem tab. 

That would definitely be a waste, as some of those older sets are really good. This is why Garena has added the Magic Cube Store so that players could exchange for older magic cube bundles. Each of them would cost 1 Magic cube. Most bundles in the Magic cube store has two variants, male and female, but some bundle only have one.

Magic cube in free fire
Magic Cube in Free Fire is a rare item that Garena only give away in events.

Aside from the Magic cube, the Thiva character will be given away for free, alongside various skins including Monster Truck and pets. Furthermore, players can also participate in the Clash Squad Cup challenge. While the After Match drop event begins on August 20 and last until September 5, you can only get quadrupled bonus drop on 28 August.

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