Cosmetics bundles have always been a big part of the game ever since Free Fire's debut. Most bundles are time-limited, with Garena removing them from the shop after a while. Magic Cube is the only way to acquire old time-limited bundles. Players can acquire Magic cubes from Diamond Royale, Elite Pass, special events, or Cube fragments and redeem bundles in Free Fire's store. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most popular Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire.

5 - Mystic Seeker Bundle

The Mystic Seeker bundle definitely took inspiration from eastern monks, especially the Chinese variant, along with a few touches of Cyberpunk. The final result is a cyber-monk-warrior who wears futuristic armor and a mysterious set of hats and masks.

Mystic Seeker
Mystic Seeker Bundle

4 - Revenge Full-Leather Bundle

The revenge full-leather bundle took inspiration from punk rock/goth style, with the whole set being black leathers and metal with attachments. The highlight is probably the face and hair, which look particularly fearsome.

Revenge Full-Leather
Revenge Full-Leather Bundle

This bundle was released as part of Diamond Royale in Dec 2020. It attracted a fair bit of attention initially and was made available in the Magic Cube section later.

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3 - The Age of Gold Bundle

Age of Gold is an old Free Fire bundle. It was introduced back in July 2020 through Diamond Royale alongside its female counterpart, the Era of Gold bundle. It is really popular amongst players due to the cool design showing muscles and abs, the glowing mask, and the armored limbs.

The Age of Gold
Age of Gold Bundle

The mask is the best piece of the set. It can go with pretty much everything. The Female version of this bundle does not look as good.

2 - Oni Soulseeker Bundle

The best part about Oni Soulseeker bundle is that the pieces are very colorful. You would definitely stand out on the battlefield wearing it. The set's various ornaments are based on Japanese and Chinese traditional clothes.

Oni Soulseeker
Oni Soulseeker bundle

Particle-effect-wise, the set has a couple of green souls orbs hovering around its back, which is pretty unique.

1 - Duchess Swallowtail Bundle

The Duchess Swallowtail Bundle made its debut in Free Fire in June 2020. It is one of the best female bundles ever added to Free Fire to date. The most striking parts are the particle effects on the whole body instead of just one piece. The blue-purple effect would let you draw a lot of gazes on the battlefield. There is no male equivalent for this bundle, which is pretty weird.

Duchess Swallowtail
This bundle has a butterfly theme

The beautiful butterfly design of the set goes pretty well with the AWM skins of the same name. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the Top 5 Active Skills For Snipers In Free Fire OB28.