Garena Free Fire has introduced some new bundles in the Magic Cube redeem shop. Here are the top new magic cube bundles in 2021 that you must try.

Top 10 New Free Fire Magic Cube Bundles

Magic Cube bundles can be obtained in the Redeem shop. Each bundle only costs one magic cube. The game developers also update new bundles in this Redeem shop regularly. Here are some new Magic Cube bundles in 2021 that you should obtain.

  • Age of Gold Bundle includes five items: hairstyle, mask, top, bottom, and shoes. It's a cool costume set for male characters.
Age Of Gold Bundle
Age Of Gold Bundle and Commander Bundle are two cool sets for males.
  • Arcane Seeker bundle is a sexy but cool set for females. It only has four items, including a hairstyle, top, pants, and shoes.
  • Duchess Swallowtail set includes a beautiful dress, stunning hair, sexy long leggings of shifting shades, and pretty winged boots.
Duchess Swallowtail
Girls will definitely love Duchess Swallowtail set and Arcane Seeker bundle.
  • Commander Bundle also costs a magic cube. It's a spectacular costume set for male characters. There is a helmet, mask, vest, pants, and shoes.
  • Madame Punisher set will make your female characters look cool, sexy, and hot. It has a pair of glasses,
Madame Punisher
These two bundles for females are very cool.
  • Silver Eagle set: you should buy this bundle for your Moco character. It only costs one magic cube.
  • Capt. Punisher set is another new magic cube bundle for men.
Capt Punisher
Pay one magic cube for each of these male outfit sets.
  • The Colossus bundle is also worth buying. This sci-fi steel armor will protect you from head to foes.
  • Heart of Iron Bundle makes your female character looks like a powerful warrior on the battleground.
Heart Of Iron
Look more powerful with Contingency Elite set and Heart of Iron Bundle.
  • Contingency Elite set: Buy it if you want to look cool like a professional assassin.

You need to collect magic cube fragments to create a cube. Then, go to the redeem shop, choose the bundle you want to buy, and equip it.