ScoutOp is a Free Fire pro player in India. He is also a Free Fire streamer and YouTuber. He often shows off his skills and teaches his fans how to play this game. His channel also got 33.6 lakh subscribers.

Free Fire Profile Of ScoutOp

These are the latest status of ScoutOp, one of the most followed Free Fire pro players in India. This season has begun recently. These statistics will change when he plays new matches and gets new achievements.

  • Lifetime Status: His Free Fire ID is 2339156229. His K/D ratio often surpasses 3.0. It's often around 3.17 to 3.21. This player often plays squad with 65 matches and 17 wins. Besides, he made 154 kills after these 65 matches. His win ratio in the squad mode reaches 26.15%. Besides, he played 13 solo games, won a match, and killed 38 enemies after all.
Scoutop Lifetime Mode
ScoutOp played preferred the squad mode.
  • Ranked Career: ScoutOp played 19 matches in ranked mode and won only a match. However, he eliminated 17 enemies and got a pretty low K/D ratio which is only 0.94. This player also played two ranked matches in the solo mode and killed 6 enemies although he didn't win any match of them. ScoutOp didn't play any duo match in the ranked mode recently.
Scoutop Ranked Mode
He didn't play the ranked mode frequently.
  • Clash Squad Ranked Achievements: His KDA in this game mode is the highest ratio which is up to 3.87. He caused 2547 damage points per match on average and made 31 headshot kills. ScoutOp won 21 out of 26 matches in this game mode which is much higher than in other modes.
Ranked Cs Mode
Ranked CS Status of ScoutOp.
  • Clash Squad Mode: ScoutOp played 80 games and won up to 65 games. He killed up to 446 enemies and got a high K/D ratio of 3.73. Moreover, this pro player did 10 squad clutches and got 41 triple kills.
Clash Squad Stats
He played Clash Squad mode more often.

ScoutOp's YouTube Channel

He got 33.6 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. This pro player also plays many other games, such as Minecraft, Valorant, COD Warzone, etc. Apart from YouTube, ScoutOp also makes gaming content on Nololive TV.

This streamer often experiences new features and contents in Free Fire to please viewers more than flaunting his skills. Therefore, he sometimes doesn't kill as many enemies as expected. However, his broadcast often attracts a lot of viewers due to unique and interesting content.