Free Fire launchpad is a special device that helps launch players to the sky to move to another place fast. Here are some tips and uses of the launchpad in this game. Master them to win the game more easily.

Free Fire Launchpad Tips And Uses

These launchpads are available on the map Bermuda in Free Fire. You can use it for different purposes. It's fun and exciting to fly with this launchpad. Moreover, this tool is also useful.

  • Use launchpad to reach higher places. It's the most popular use of this tool in Free Fire. A lot of players use the launchpad to reach high towers and tops of buildings where you cannot climb to. For example, you can find a launchpad in the Shipyard. You can stand on the launchpad and adjust the flight line to reach the nearby cranes to camp. You cannot climb to the top of these cranes without this tool.
Reach The Top Of Cranes
Reach The Top Of Cranes In The Shipyard With A Launchpad.
  • Fly into the safe zone quickly. These launchpads can throw players a long distance. Therefore, many players also use a launchpad outside the playing zone into the zone quickly. There are some places you can find a launchpad, including Shipyard, near the Factory, and Clock Tower, etc.
Throw You Into The Safe Zone
Throw You Into The Safe Zone
  • Get to the airdrop location right away. Then, you don't need to run on foot or drive a car and reveal your position due to noise. If you see a plane with the airdrop flying over you when you are nearby a launchpad, jump on it and drop you nearby the location of the airdrop.
Drop With The Airdrop
Drop With The Airdrop
  • Besides, you can surprise enemies around and make highlights because you can approach them quietly. When you spot an enemy from distance and there's no secret way to approach him without making noise, you can use the launchpad to drop you close to him to surprise him. However, don't drop you among many players and become an easy target for everyone.
Adjust The Line
Adjust The Line To Drop In The Expected Location.
  • The launchpad has a line for you to predict the drop location. Then, you can adjust the flight line to reach the expected place.