Free Fire is heavier in size after some recent updates. If your phone does not have enough free space for this game, you can try some other shooting games like Free Fire which are only under 100MB. Check them out below with

#1. Warrior 63 - Battle Royale 3D

It looks like a clone game of Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. However, its graphic quality is not as good as the two other games. It's understandable because it was made for low-end devices.  Warrior 63 is available on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. Its game size on Google Plat Store is only 101MB.

Warrior 63 Battle Royale 3d
Warrior 63 is available on Google Play Store and App Store for low-end devices.

The map and arrangements are pretty similar to a PUBG Mobile's map. The graphics are pretty similar to Free Fire's details. It also has many similar weapons and supplies like these two games. Pick up weapons, supplies, and fight for survival like in Garena Free Fire.

#2. PVP Shooting Battle

This shooting game is developed by an Indian game company. It's only available for Android devices. The game size will vary with different devices but you can play it on low-end devices. Moreover, you can play it online or offline, based on your preference.

Pvp Shooting Battle
PvP Shooting Battle is developed by an Indian game company.

It looks more colorful than Warrior 63. The map, gameplay, and other details are also more similar to those of Free Fire.

#3. Gun War: Shooting Games

This shooting game is only 60MB in size. It also features maps, weapons, and over a hundred shooter tasks to complete. Gun War also has an offline game mode for you to play without an internet connection. This shooting game is available on iOS and Android.

Gun War Shooting Games
Gun War features maps, weapons, and over a hundred shooter tasks to complete.

Besides, Gun War also has a zombie mode in which you need to eliminate waves of zombies. Besides, in the battle royale mode, you have to fight to guard your country. It has hundreds of weapons and attachments like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

#4. Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

FPS Shooter is only 74MB in size when you download it on Google Play Store. This game is not available for iOS devices. There are over thirty types of weapons in different categories, such as AR, SR, SMG, pistols, etc.

Battle Royale Fps Shooter
Battle Royale FPS Shooter is an interesting shooting game like Free Fire for low-end Android devices.

The graphics are cute, colorful, and fancy. Although it's not as realistic as expected, FPS Shooter still brings you exciting experiences.

#5. N.O.V.A Legacy

This is a part of the N.O.V.A franchise developed and launched by Gameloft. Amazingly, this shooting game is only 45MB in size. It's released for iOS and Android devices. More than a normal battle royale game, N.O.V.A Legacy is a sci-fi battle royale game.

Nova Legacy
NOVA Legacy is a sci-fi shooting game.

The battleground is a space ship. Your enemies are aliens. Moreover, this game also has Team Deathmatches mode. Shoot down the alien enemies and protect our planet.