The ultimate goal in every Battle Royale Game is to survive until the end of the match, and in Free Fire, it is not different. However, surviving the last zone can be very tricky, as the play zone is reduced to a very small area.

Picking up kills in the final zone requires effective strategy and execution. In this article, we are going to showcase the most useful tips to get kills in the last zone of Free Fire.

1 - Carry a suitable weapon

One of the most common mistakes in the last zone of Free Fire is that players are still holding onto their Sniper Rifles. The area of the zone is tiny, therefore any other weapon is better than a sniper unless you can shoot it without aiming down sights.

Medium range weapons
Medium range weapons are the best in this situation.

It is recommended to bring either ARs or SMGs, especially the ones with high performance in close range like AK or Groza. A shotgun like the M1887 can be useful as well.

2 - Make use of grenades

The size of the last zone limits everyone's movement. Usually, enemies have to take cover behind rocks, shrubs and buildings. A thrown grenade could damage them severely or force them outside of covers.

A Gloo Grenade is amazing to create a temporary cover if you don't have one in your vicinity. Furthermore, you can use it to distract enemies, as people usually expect you to hide behind a Gloo Wall.

3 - Pay attention to positioning

If the final safe zone falls into an area with buildings, try to secure them first and take cover inside. However, if it falls on an empty plot of land, try to take the higher ground. Getting an altitude advantage lets you detect enemies quickly and protect yourself from getting shot.

Positioning is key to survival in the Free Fire last zone.

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4 - Prepare medkits and consumables

Players need to keep their health as high as possible. Don't be afraid of wasting Medkit - try to get yourself to full whenever you can. If the match is not resolved when the zone closes in, the player with higher HP is the winner.

If there are more than two enemies, don't be greedy and try to loot a dead player. This might leave you open to ambush attacks.

5 - Be patient

You need to keep a cool head and only moves when your location is revealed. Try to scout around to detect enemy locations. Open fire on anyone who gets into your sight and try to be the one to shoot first.

Enemies might try to sneak around so you should try to listen and detect their footsteps using your headphone.

Hold your fire
Hold your fire if the enemy is too far away.

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