Free Fire is a popular battle royale on mobile released by Garena in 2017. It was the most downloaded game on Google Play Store in both 2019 and 2020. The game reached 100 million downloads in the first half of 2021.

Free Fire features a large collection of weapons of all types for players to choose from. Among them, Assault Rifles (AR) is the most versatile type of weapon of all. They have decent damage output, a good effective range, and are highly common. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Groza gun in Free Fire, the strongest Assault Rifle in the game.

Groza Free Fire 2
Free Fire features a large collection of weapons of all types.

Groza Gun In Free Fire Stats

  • Damage: 61
  • Rate of Fire: 58
  • Range: 77
  • Reload Speed: 48
  • Magainze: 30
  • Accuracy: 52
  • Movement Speed: 58

High damage and long-range rifle with great stability. Possibly the strongest rifle Free Fire has ever seen.

Groza Gun In Free Fire
Stats of Groza Gun in Free Fire

The Groza gun in Free Fire has one of the highest damage per shot Free Fire (61) and an average rate of fire of 58. The effective range of the Groza is 77. Only the M4A1 and the M14 have a better effective range than the Groza, but both of them deal less damage than the Groza.

The weapon can be attached with all kinds of attachments including a Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, and Scope. These attachments can make the Groza even better with more stability and accuracy.

Groza Gun In Free Fire
The Groza is definitely the best Assault Rifle in Free Fire with its insane stats.

The Groza can only be found in airdrops in Free Fire. With the recent updates, you can find the Groza more often in airdrops and in War Chest around the map. The weapon also got less recoil more damage and rate of fire.

With these advantages, we can easily say the Groza is currently the most powerful Assault Rifle in Free Fire.

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Groza Gun In Free Fire Tips & Tricks

The Groza is the strongest Assault Rifle in Free Fire with high damage and stability. It can be used in almost any situation thanks to its extraordinary stats but there are still some things you should know when you are using it.

  • The Groza is still weaker than many SMGs and shotguns in close-range combats, particularly the MP40 and the M1887. These weapons are designed to take down enemies really fast in close-range combats.
  • It is actually easier to find the Groza in War Chest on the map instead of looking for airdrops.
War Chest Free Fire
You can find the Groza in War Chest around the map in Free Fire.
  • The Groza doesn't have as many good skins as other popular Assault Rifles such as SCAR, XM8, M14. However, the weapon itself is already really strong without any skins.
  • You really should collect all possible attachments for the Groza to reach its full potential.

Best Skins for Groza In Free Fire

There are a number of skins for the Groza in Free Fire that players can opt for but the following are the best ones in our opinion.

Groza FFCS skin

  • Damage++
  • Magazine-

The Groza FFCS skin was released in 2020 during the Free Fire Continential Series event. It gives the Groza 2 Damage buffs while only reducing the magazine size of the weapon. This skin can significantly increase the damage output of the Groza, which already really huge. Overall the Groza FFCS skin is the best Groza skin in Free Fire so far.

Best Groza Skins 4
The Groza FFCS skin remarkably improves the damage of the weapon.

Groza Winterlands skin

  • Rate of Fire++
  • Accuracy-

The Groza Winterlands skin on the other hand gives the Groza 2 Rate of Fire buffs while reducing its Accuracy by a little bit. The Rate of Fire buff is also a very important stat that will improve the Groza. However, the Accuracy reduction of the skin makes it a little less useful. Still, the Groza Winterlands skin offers great advantages compared to many other skins.

Best Groza Skins 3
The Groza Winterlands skin improve the rate of fire of the weapon.

Groza Tagger’s Revolt skin

  • Range++
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Magazine-

The Groza Tagger’s Revolt skin seems to be great at the first look, but it just quite mediocre. The Range buff is quite unnecessary since the Groza already has really high effective range. That leaves us with only the sligth Rate of Fire buff. The magazine size reduction can easily be overlooked since you can just attach a Magazine attachment. Overall this is a decent skin for the Groza.

Best Groza Skins 2
Groza Tagger’s Revolt skin is a good skin for the weapon.

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