As a gamer, there's nothing worse than experiencing lags when enjoying your games. The same goes for Free Fire players. Lags happen when your frame per second (FPS) starts to drop or jump up and down inconsistently. Lags will cause you to lose your aims, miss your timing, and lead you to a state of total frustration. But worry not! Here we have three easy solutions that may help you fix lag problems in Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire 2
Follow these 3 easy fixes to solve your lags.

#1. Close Background Applications

One of the main reasons causing lag problems in mobile games like Free Fire is insufficient RAM allocation. The Random Access Memory, or RAM, indicates how much information is being processed by your phone. When there isn't enough space for the data, it causes the game to lag and drop FPS.

Background Application
Always close your background applications before playing.

To avoid this, close all of the other applications before entering the Free Fire, especially if you're running a low-end phone. Shutting down applications in the background will allocate more RAM to your game, thus fixing lag in Free Fire 1GB RAM. Also, this method reduces the amount of battery usage and overheating.

#2 Turn Off Sync And Auto-Update

All smart devices have the Auto-Sync feature nowadays. It may come in handy when you want to automatically back up your data on cloud services. However, if the backing up process happens when you're playing games, it may cause lag problems. 

Turn Off Auto Sync
Turn off the Auto-Sync feature on your phone before gaming.

This Auto-Sync feature takes up your processing power and Internet width. More importantly, if you're using cellular data to play Free Fire, it will quickly drain out the data you need for the game. The solution? Turn Auto-Sync to Wi-Fi only or shut it down altogether before launching Free Fire. 

#3 Clear Cache

The cache is temporary data stored in the memory when you use certain applications. Most apps use cache to run faster. However, if your phone memory is flooded with cache, it runs remarkably slower. Clearing up these cache data may free up GBs’ worth of space from the system - enough for Garena Free Fire to run smoothly. 

Clear Cache And Junk File
Clear up cache and junk files to save space on your devices.

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