Free Fire's character system is something that other BRs do not have. It lets players build their own skill set based on the characters they have, which further enhances their combat ability in a fight. Amongst Free Fire characters, Alok and Jota are amongst the most popular.

In this article, we are going to compare DJ Alok Vs Jota in Free Fire to see which one of them is better.

1 - About Alok

Skill Details

Overall, Alok is considered to be the best and most balanced character ever added to the game. His ability "Drop The Beat" is perfectly balanced, providing a decent edge but does not feel unfair. Upon activation, it creates a 5-meter radius aura that increases movement speed and HP regeneration for the user and his teammates. Multiple instances of the aura can't be stacked, but the healing and speed bonus stack with other similar skills.

Dj Alok
Alok was based on a real life DJ

The ability is already pretty decent at level 1, with a 10% speed bonus and 25 HP heal total, with a duration of 5 seconds. As you level it up, the bonus, duration and heal increases. The best part about Drop The Beat is its relatively short cooldown of 45 seconds. You can spam it fairly frequently without problems.


Alok's ability is an active skill that synergizes with the attacker role the most. The speed bonus lets you flank easier while the heal reduces the damage taken in duels and fights. On the other hand, it is not nearly as effective in a sniper build that moves around less frequently.

Alok is a team player - all squads should have at least one member with this skill.

2 - About Jota

Skill Details

Jota's ability is a passive called "Sustained Raids". It and triggers every time you get a kill and heals instantly for up to 40 HP. Because instant heals are overpowered, Jota's ability has quite a few restrictions placed on it. Only Shotgun and SMG kills can trigger the heal, and the cooldown is 5 seconds.

Jota Free Fire
Jota was based on a martial artist named Joe Taslim


Overall, Jota's ability is perfect for close-quarter roles like rusher, whose weapons of choice are SMGs and Shotguns. Combo-wise, Sustained Raids is best used in combination with Chrono and Xayne's ability, which are top tier in close-range fights.

Jota character in Free Fire

Besides the actives, Jota can combo with Hayato or Shirou, whose skills synergize pretty well with shotguns. Nikita, Caroline and Kelly can be useful as well.

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3 - Alok vs Jota in Battle Royale mode

Overall, Alok's ability shines in Battle Royale mode. It can be used in pretty much any situation - the effect gets doubled and quadrupled in duo and squad. You and your team can save a lot of medkits by sharing the effect. The 15% speed bonus lets you rotate faster and flank enemies... on a low 45s cd.

Alok's ability
Alok's ability in action

Jota's Sustained Raids is much more restrictive. You need to use two specific types of weapons for his skill to be effective, and these weapons can only work in close range. This greatly limits the versatility Jota users in BR.

Result: Alok is better in Battle Royale mode

4 - Alok vs Jota in Clash Squad

Contrary to popular belief, Alok's ability is not really that strong in Clash Squad. The low cooldown of his ability is useless in this mode, as it is round-based. You can hardly use Drop The Beat more than once. The heal over time is also much weaker than Xayne's or A124's.

Jota Free Fire
Jota is one of the best characters for Clash Squad mode.

Jota, on the other hand, is super strong in this mode. With players having to buy guns in the shop with currency, not many can afford AR or snipers. Fights usually devolve into spraying each other using SMGs, and in that case, Jota's ability is perfect.

Result: Jota is better in Clash Squad.

5 - Verdict

With Free Fire's main mode being Battle Royale, we can say that the winner of this competition is Alok. His ability remains top tier ever since his debut back in 2019, and you can even support your teammates with the skill.

DJ Alok Vs Jota
DJ Alok Vs Jota, who is stronger?

Jota's skill is stronger in Clash Squad, but that's about it. His instant heal might be strong, but the total heal is still lower than Alok's skill.

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