Pets are a crucial part of Free Fire. Besides providing an extra skill that aids players in combat, they also follow the owners around the battlefield. Aesthetically, having a good-looking pet is just as important as having a decent set of costumes.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best-looking Free Fire pet skins in 2021.

1 - Apocalypse Fox

The apocalypse fox skin is available for free currently, as a reward for the Azure Dragon Top-Up event. It will last until July 3rd - players can get the skin for free if they top up 100 diamonds or more.

Apocalypse Fox
Apocalypse Fox in Free Fire

The Apocalypse Fox is yellow and black, with most of its fur and equipment become the same color.

2 - Gamer Moony

Moony the Alien is the newest pet released in Free Fire, as part of the Moony Top Up event. Its skin, the Gamer Moony, can be purchased in the shop for 699 diamonds. This skin completely changes the aesthetics of the pet, with black and neon colors all over the UFO he's riding on.

Gamer Moony
Gamer Moony in Free Fire

Overall, the Gamer Moony looks much more futuristic than the normal version.

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3 - Zapping Dreki

The Zapping Dreki skin was released at the same time as the pet's debut in Free Fire OB27 update. It imbued Dreki with a golden lightning effect, completely change the main color of the pet. The lightning effect is super eye-catching and constantly flashing.

Zapping Dreki
Zapping Dreki in Free Fire

This skin can be bought for 699 diamonds from the Free Fire shop.

4 - Glacier Beaston

The Glacier Beaston is probably a skin that no one expects to be good. It turns Beaston into an ice-sculpture monster, exhaling frosty winds. His skin and fur turn completely white blue, with ice veins here and there. Beaston's hands are also imbued with an ice effect as well.

Glacier Beaston
Glacier Beaston in Free Fire

This skin can be bought for 699 diamonds from the Free Fire shop. This is probably the best looking amongst Free Fire pet skins.

5 - Galaxy Dreki

The Galaxy Dreki turns it into a Violet dragon, adding a subtle "sparkling" effect when it flies. Overall, if you are using a dark set on your character, this pet would be more suitable than the golden lightning of the Zapping Dreki.

Galaxy Dreki
Galaxy Dreki in Free Fire

This skin is also priced at 699 diamonds on the Free Fire Shop.

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