Free Fire's skill system is probably one of the best parts of the game. Players can mix and match the skills of characters they have to create their own personal skill set. Currently, there are 40 characters in Free Fire, each with a unique skill. They are not equal, however. Some are popular while others are often overlooked.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 least used characters in Free Fire that often get underestimated.

Top 5 Least Used Characters In Free Fire

1 - Steffie

Steffie is one of the most underrated characters in Free Fire because of her weak active ability. At the base level, she can create graffiti that reduces explosive damage and bullet damage for 5 seconds. While the explosive damage reduction increases with levels, the bullet damage reduction does not.

Steffie in FF

5% is too little bonus for an active ability with 45 seconds cooldown. This is why nobody uses Steffie when any other characters could provide better.

2 - Xayne

It is pretty weird that Xayne, one of the newest characters in the game, is overlooked like this. Her skill 'Xtreme Encounter' provides an instant HP boost and bonus Gloo Wall/shield damage, which is very valuable in duels and close-range fights.

Xayne in FF

However, the ability is fairly hard to use, with the HP boost being temporary. This might be the reason that not many players use her yet.

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3 - Maro

Maro is the newest character in Free Fire - not many players have been able to try him out yet. His ability is also not that flashy - it only provides a simple damage boost to your weapons based on distance. These two are probably the reason behind Maro's low popularity.

Maro is the most useful amongst the Least Used Characters In Free Fire

At max level, Falcon Fervor provides up to 25% bonus damage, with 3.5% extra for marked targets.

4 - Shani

Shani is one of the earliest characters released in Free Fire. While her ability is certainly decent, it is a completely defensive passive skill, with no bonuses at all for offensive players. It also requires players to get kills in order to trigger.

Shani in FF

These problems are probably the reason that no one uses Shani's skill. There are certain uses for Gear Recycle in Clash Squad, as you can upgrade your armor for free after a kill.

5 - Laura

Laura's sharpshooter passive is even less noticeable than Maro's skill. It provides 35% extra accuracy when scoped in. Overall, this skill is still too weak, as the weapons that use scope are often already very accurate... while the weapons that need extra accuracy often do not use a scope.

Garena has been trying to buff Laura in OB28 with an extra 5% accuracy, however, that's just not enough.

Laura is the weakest character amongst the Top 5 Least Used Characters In Free Fire

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