Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. With a huge player base of millions of players, there are a lot of skilled players. This raises a question among many Free Fire players: Who is the king of Free Fire in India? Are you curious to know who is the god of Free Fire in India?

There are many players and YouTubers out there who would claim themselves to be the King of Free Fire. In this article, we are going to make a list of Free Fire players who are actually worthy of that title.

1. Rai Star - Highest Headshot Rate

Rai Star Free Fire ID: 12022250

This is a popular Free Fire Youtuber in the Indian Free Fire community. Rai Star owns a YouTube channel with 4.89 million subscribers. He is known for his insane skill to hit headshots, which is the highlight of his channel. Some people might think that he was just putting headshot highlights to make him look skilled.

Rai Star Free Fire Stats
Rai Star is known for his speed in Free Fire and his insane ability to hit headshots

However, if you take a look at the stats of Rai Star's Free Fire profile, he has gotten a total of 52344 kills in Squad mode. 24719 of them are headshots, making a 47% headshot rate in Squad mode, the highest headshot rate in India. In Clash Squad mode, his headshots rate is even higher at 64.43%.

Not only Rai Star has an insane headshots rate, but he is also often hailed the fastest player in Free Fire in the world. Who is the King of Free Fire in India you ask? Rai Star would be the answer for many people.

2. Sudip Sarkar - Highest K/D Ratio

Sudip Sarkar Free Fire ID: 97653930

This player, Sudip Sarkar is surely one of the names that are worthy of the "King of Free Fire in India" title the most because of his insane K/D ratio. He has a 5.47 K/D ratio in Squad mode, the highest Free Fire K/D ratio in India. While Sudip Sarkar has such a high K/D ratio, his win rate is "only" 31%, which is about average compared to other Free Fire YouTubers.

Sudip Sarkar Stats
Sudip Sarkar has the highest K/D ratio in Free Fire in India

Sudip Sarkar has a YouTube channel with 1.26 million subscribers.

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3. P.K Gamer - Free Fire King Of Factory

P.K Gamer Free Fire ID: 305998024

The famous YouTuber P.K Gamer is also known as King Of Factory in Free Fire. This is because the Factory is the favorite drop location of P.K Gamer and he always absolutely killed it every time he lands there. He made a lot of videos where he drops on Factory. His most viral video is named "Beware Of My Scope In Factory Roof" and it has more than 22 million views.

4. Total Gaming - Free Fire AWM King

Total Gaming Free Fire ID: 451012596

I am sure many of you have been way too familiar with this name already. Total Gaming is the most-subscribed YouTuber in India with 25 million subscribers and the owners of one of the strongest Indian Free Fire esports teams. Without a surprise, he is also a very skilled player. Total Gaming is also known as the AWM King in Free Fire.

Total Gaming
Total Gaming is the biggest Free Fire YouTuber in India with more than 25 million subscribers

The AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire with dealy damage and precision. In the hand of Total Gaming, this weapon can become a nightmare for those who have to face him. In his overall lifetime stats, he racked up a total of 44061 kills in Squad mode and an impressive 4.97 K/D ratio. I am sure the AWM plays quite a huge part in these numbers.

5. Arpan Gaming - Free Fire King Of Solo Vs Squad

Arpan Gaming Free Fire ID: 389663388

Solo Vs Squad in Free Fire is certainly a hard challenge for even the best players in Free Fire. Yet, Arpan Gaming seems to be doing really well in this mode. He has been clearing many Squad on his own, so Arpan Gaming certainly deserves the title of King Of Solo Vs Squad.

It is just a different art to be able to play Solo vs Squad and win. When facing a whole Squad, your skill barely matters unless they can't aim. You need to have the right strategy to survive and kill them off one by one, even then they can revive each other and get back at you easily.

I hope this article has answered your "who is the king of Free Fire in India?" question. Comment below to let us know who is the God of Free Fire in India in your opinion.

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