Free Fire tops as a competitive battle royale game but it also provides numerous players with special abilities to help gamers on the battleground.

These unique skills will give you an edge over other players. However, not every character is celebrated for their skills. In fact, many of them embrace beneficial abilities but are neglected by a majority of players.

Our article will list the 5 most underrated Free Fire characters that deserve much more recognition from players.

1. Steffie

Steffie has an active ability called Painted Refuge. At the default level, she can make graffiti that decreased bullet damage by 5% and explosive damage by 15 percent for 5 seconds. It takes 45 secs to cool down while the result doesn’t stack.

Steffie deserves more attention for her extraordinary skill.

Her ability will enhance as she gets to higher levels in the game. Though she poses a great choice for Clash Squad and Ranked mode combats, not many recognize her potentials.

2. Caroline

Caroline can increase your movement speed by 8 percent whenever you are holding a shotgun. If you are a shotgun user, she will help you gain a huge movement speed boost. She is, in fact, one of the characters that increase your mobility in Free Fire.

Caroline Free Fire
Caroline is also often ignored in the battle royale game.

However, just a few players own her in spite of the fact that she is among the best defensive characters.

3. Xayne

Xayne has an active ability called Xtreme Encounter. This skill offers 80 HP for a limited while at Level 1. Also, it boosts shield damage and gloo wall by 40%. The effect occurs for 10 seconds and a 150-sec cooldown time.

Free Fire Top Up Event Xayne
Xayne is a new character with a powerful ability.

Her unique skill expands with the rise in levels and provides gamers with an HP boost when dashing. Considering the fact that she is a new addition, just a few gamers see and admire her amazing skills. This makes her one of the least used characters in Free Fire.

4. Clu

Clu owns one of the few active abilities that don't give any considerable advantage to players - it neither heals nor deals extra damage. The sole stuff her Tracing Steps skill provides is information.

Clu Free Fire
You just need one of your teammates with Clu's ability to get a 15% damage increase.

However, in the OB28 update, Garena has buffed Tracing Steps' range of effect by a flabbergasting 40%. She is indeed one of the most underrated Free Fire characters at present and needs more recognition whatsoever.

5. D-Bee

Another name in the list of underrated Free Fire characters is D-Bee whose passive ability called Bullet beats. When equipped with this ability, his accuracy and movement speed would increase massively if you fire while moving.

Free Fire D Bee Character
Despite his potentials, D-Bee hasn't got recognition he deserves.

His skill advances with the rise of levels. Along with Shani, he is newly added to the system. That is probably the reason why not many players currently use him for their game.

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