Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn campaign is currently at its peak. Numerous events in the campaign are taking place, offering players tons of free themed rewards. The attractive list of rewards included the exclusive Earthshaker Stomp and the Volcanic Whirlwind Skyboard.

Friend Callback Event
Invite your friends back to Free Fire now!

To attract old players back to enjoy the ongoing events, Garena recently added a new "Friends Callback". This is your chance to win an exclusive Sabertooth Slash machete skin for free. Here are the steps you need to follow.

New Friends Callback Event in Free Fire

Friends Callback is a familiar event type in Free Fire. During a certain duration time, players can earn various rewards from Garena for inviting inactive friends back into the game. The new “Friends Callback” started on June 26th and will conclude on June 30th.

Sabertooh Slash Ingame
Claim a free Sabertooh Slash machete skin.

Find any of your friends who have been inactive for an extended period and invite them to join Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn to obtain numerous rewards. The exclusive Sabertooth Slash machete skin with special killfeed is also available for grasp.

The event will reward you with Might of Mythos tokens, which you can use to exchange for various rewards. Here are the further details:

List of rewards
  • #1 Callback 1 friend: 3x Might of Mythos
  • #2 Callback 3 friends: 3x Might of Mythos
  • #3 Callback 5 friends: Sabertooth Slash and 3x Might of Mythos
  • #4 Callback 7 friends: 5x Might of Mythos

How to Get Sabertooth Slash Skin for Free in Free Fire?

Follow the steps below to obtain the Sabertooth Slash machete skin in Free Fire from the Friends Callback event:

Unactive Friends
Open your inactive friend list.
  • Step 1: Open the "Events" segment in your Free Fire client by clicking the “Calendar” icon.
  • Step 2: Select “Friends Callback” under the “Rampage 3.0” tab. Then hit the “Go To” button. You can also hit the "Friends” icon to choose the “Call Back” button.
  • Step 3: Hit “Call back”. A dialog box will appear showing the list of inactive friends.
  • Step 4: Tap the invite button and share the link for your friends to join via social media channels.
Friends Callback Options
Share your invite through social media channels.

In order to claim the Sabertooth Slash skin from the event, you will need to successfully invite back 5 friends. You can collect your rewards from the same section in the game client.

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