Free Fire is a popular competitive battle royale game on mobile. Players who have the skill can compete in tournaments for a big chunk of prize money. The Free Fire esports scene has been growing exceptionally lately with many well-known teams and players.

Free Fire Pro League India
The Free Fire Pro League India is currently happening

With the new Free Fire Pro League Dream Team feature, now every Free Fire player can create their own fantasy Esports team and see how they perform in the Free Fire Pro League India tournament. Moreover, you will earn many exclusive prizes if your team does well.

Free Fire Pro League Dream Team Tutorial

This event lasts for the remaining duration of the Free Fire Pro League, from June 23 until July 18.

You can choose a total of 6 players in your team including 1 captain and 5 players before the time runs out. You can choose any player from the teams in the tournament. Your captain will earn double points.

Free Fire Pro League Dream Team Tutorial Video Ffp
Choose 6 players, including 1 captain from any team in the Free Fire Pro League to form your team.

The points each player earns will be based on their performance on that day. You will earn daily prizes based on the ranking of your team, including exclusive bundles and skins.

There are 2 power-ups that will earn you more points:

  • Triple captain points.
  • Bonus 50 points.
Free Fire Pro League Dream Team Power Ups
There are power-ups that will increase the points of your team.

You can get power-ups from redeem code collected from the official live stream of the Free Fire Pro League. Here is a free power-up code: FFPLHMWLKWJE.

You can also follow us and we will update the new power-up code for you every day from the official live stream.

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