Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile. The game has a character system with 40 unique characters, each with a different skill that will help in different ways in battles. In this article, we will show you the list of 5 Free Fire characters to increase your mobility.

1. Alok

Alok is one of the best Free Fire characters because his active skill provides both mobility and heal for the players and their players. His skill, Drop the Beat, creates a 5 meters circle for 5 seconds that heals 10hp/s and increases movement speed by 15%. The cooldown of the skill is not long either, only 45 seconds.

Dj Alok Garena Free Fire
Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire

2. Kelly

Kelly is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire and yet she is still one of the best passive Free Fire characters until now. She has a passive skill that increases the movement speed of the player by 6% without any condition at all. This causes moving and aiming much easier for the player who uses Kelly.

Kelly The Swift
Kelly has a passive skill that increases your movement speed by 6%

Kelly also has an Awaken form that increases the damage of your first shot by a little bit. It is a nice bonus, but it is the mobility that proves the most valuable buff of Kelly.

3. Joseph

Joseph can increase your movement speed by 20% whenever you get shot. That is a really huge movement speed boost. Unless the enemy is too bad at aiming, the skill will work great while you are trading shots. The movement speed will also help you tremendously to run away in case you got caught by other players.

Joseph increase your movement speed when you take damage

4. Caroline

Caroline increases your movement speed by 8% whenever you are holding a shotgun. It is obviously not as good as Kelly's skill but if you are a shotgun user, you can use both and get a huge movement speed boost.

Caroline In Free Fire
Caroline increase your movement speed by 8% whenever you are holding a shotgun

5. Chrono

Chrono is not famous for his ability to boost your movement speed but for his shield. Still, his skill does give you a 15% movement speed boost while the shield is active. It is helpful for you to run to a safe location before the shield disappears.

Chrono Skill
Chrono shield increase his movement speed by 15%

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