Free Fire is a battle royale title on mobile released by Garena 2017. It is the most downloaded game on Google Play Store in 2019 and 2020. The game reached a milestone of 100 million players daily in 2020.

Weapons Free Fire
The weapon collection in Free Fire is huge with all kinds of weapons

Free Fire features a large collection of weapons of all kinds. Each weapon in Free Fire has different stats with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to discuss the M249 gun in Free Fire, a weapon that many players have been using more often lately in recent patches.

M249 Gun In Free Fire Stats

  • Damage: 57
  • Rate of Fire: 59
  • Range: 79
  • Reload Speed: 48
  • Magazine: 100
  • Accuracy: 67
  • Movement Speed: 58
M249 Gun In Free Fire
The official stats of the M249 gun in Free Fire

The M249 Free Fire is a light machine gun in Free Fire that uses AR ammo. You cannot use any attachment on the M249 but scopes. It comes with a pre-attached Red Dot. The M249 gun in Free Fire has a bipod. So when you use the weapon while in prone or couch position, the weapon will have more damage, a faster rate of fire, and more stability.

Airdrop Free Fire
You can only find the M249 in airdrop crates in Free Fire

This weapon has the biggest magazine in the game with 100 rounds. It also has a long effective range, comparable to Marksman Rifles. The Damage and Rate of Fire of the M249 are quite high compared to most Assault Rifles in Free Fire. The first 30 bullets of the M249 will be extrmely accurate.

With the above characteristics, the M249 can easily outclass most other Assault Rifles and is one of the best mid-range weapons in Free Fire. That is also why you can only find the M249 in airdrop in Free Fire. But with the new Warchest feature, it is not too rare to find now.

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M249 Gun In Free Fire Tips

The M249 is indeed a very powerful weapon in Free Fire. However, it doesn't mean that it will be the best option to use in all combat situations in Free Fire. Here are a few tips for you to use the M249 gun in Free Fire effectively:

  • While the M249 is strong, it cannot compete against strong SMG and shotgun in close-combats. When facing weapons such as the M1887 or the MP40, you should always keep your distance.
  • Always make a habit to crouch while shooting the M249 to gain more damage, rate of fire, and stability. This can also throw off the enemy during a fight.
M249 Gun In Free Fire 1
The M249 is one of the best mid-range weapons in Free Fire
  • The M249 is a really great weapon to use as a beginner because it is really easy to use, strong and accurate. It also doesn't need a skin.
  • Unless your M249 only has an x4 Scope, it is hard to use it in long-range combats against Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles.
  • With high damage and big magazine, it is very easy for the M249 to deal with Gloo Wall or Chrono's shield.

Best M249 Gun In Free Fire Skins

The M249 gun in Free Fire is one of the few strong weapons without skin. Of course, if you have a weapon skin for this weapon then it would be great. However, there are not many M249 skins in Free Fire.

Here is the list of the best skins for the M249 gun in Free Fire.

Clownfish M249

  • Damage +
  • Range -
  • Reload Speed +

The Clownfish M249 skin gives the weapon more damage and reloads speed while reducing the effective range. Overall, this weapon will increase your damage output by a little bit. The Reload Speed buff doesn't matter too much because you have a 100 rounds magazine already.

Clownfish M249 Skin Free Fire
Clownfish M249 increases the overall damage output of the weapon

Striking Pink M249

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed -

The Striking Pink M249 skin significantly increases the Rate of Fire of the weapon. With the stability of the M249, you will be able to melt down the enemy easily. Once again, the Reload Speed reduction doesn't matter because the magazine size of the M249 is already too big.

Striking Pink M249 Skin Free Fire
The Striking Pink M249 skin significantly increases the Rate of Fire of the weapon

Spikey Spines M249

  • Rate of Fire +
  • Range -
  • Accuracy +

The Spikey Spines M249 is another decent M249 skins in Free Fire. It buffs the Rate of Fire and Accuracy of the weapon while reducing the Range.

Spikey Spines M249
Spikey Spines M249 skin in Free Fire

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