The skill system is one of the more unique parts of Free Fire. Players are able to combine 1 active ability with 3 passives to create a skillset that lets them win the match. These skills need to match the user's play style to be effective.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 active skills for snipers in Free Fire OB28.

1 - Clu's Tracing Steps

  • Skill: Locate positions of enemies within 75m who are not in the prone or squat positions. Lasts for 7.5s, CD 60s. Teammates share skill effects after level 1.

Detecting enemies' location is the first step to become a successful sniper. Clu's ability is actually very strong now, after the previous buffs in OB28. While the 75m radius is not super high, it is sufficient for medium-range sniping, which is the most common form of sniper battle in the game.

Clu Free Fire
Clu has been buffed massively.

Furthermore, the duration of this skill is fairly long and it also shares the info to your teammates, which is perfect in Squad mode.

2 - Skyler's Riptide Rhythm

  • Skill: Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages 5 Gloo Walls within 100m. CD 40s. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in a 9 HP recovery.

Gloo grenades are the biggest enemies of snipers. They create an instant cover that enemies can hide behind, forcing you to waste bullets on destroying it. Skyler's Riptide Rhythm would deal with that and give you some bonus HP in the process.

Skyler's ability has an exceptionally high range.

Afterward, you can easily dispatch the exposed foe.

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3 - K's Master of All

  • Skill: Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP.
K lets you heal all the chip damage.

As a sniper, you usually only take chip damage in long-range fights while moving around. In this case, K's Master of All is more efficient. You would get a lot of free EP and regeneration overtime to keep your HP pool at max.

4 - Wukong's Camouflage

  • Skill: Turn into a Bush for 15 sec. Camouflage's cooldown is 200 seconds. Firing a weapon will cancel Camouflage’s effect and taking down an enemy will reset the cooldown.
Free Fire Wukong
Camouflage can be super useful in various circumstances.

Wukong's ability is perfect for initiating, especially if you are a sniper. You can use this ability to get to a good spot for attack, ambush your foes ... or escape in a sniper battle. You can also fire a shot then use disguise right away to prevent detection. Wukong's ability is one of the top 5 active skills for snipers in Free Fire, for players who like to be creative in their approach.

5 - Chrono's Time Turner

  • Skill: Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase 15% in movement speed during 8s activation. CD 170s
Chrono's shield is still the best clutch skill.

Chrono's shield has always been overpowered, even with a 170s cooldown. With this skill, you can escape from the direst of situations such as an assault from a melee attacker. The shield can definitely buy enough time for you to pull out a close-quarter gun and fight. Chrono's ability is amongst the top 5 active skills for snipers in Free Fire, defensively.

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