Free Fire is constantly upgraded with new content every month, however, Garena tends to focus on smaller changes like new characters and weapons. On the other hand, quality of life changes and big changes are barely ever added. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 features that could see improvements in Free Fire 2021.

1 - New custom modes and reruns of old modes

Custom "special" modes in Free Fire have always been fun. In the last 4 years, Garena has introduced a lot of unique custom modes: one gives players a rocket launcher and jumping boots... while another turns players into the literal reaper. Having the old custom modes back to play occasionally would be nice.

A lot of unique "challenges" like the factory challenge were created based on custom modes. It is vital that Garena releasing new custom modes frequently to make the game fresh for players.

Grim Reaper
Crazy Grim Reaper mode

2 - New maps instead of just remaster of old ones

Amongst the popular battle royale on the market, Free Fire actually has the smallest number of maps, at only 3. Comparing to PUBG Mobile's 5 maps or Call of Duty Mobile's dozen maps, this is just too underwhelming. The current 3 maps are already explored by most players - adding a new map would definitely be a more exciting change than just another new character.

3 - A bigger rewards pool

Currently, the level-up rewards system barely provides anything useful. The best you can get is a random 3-7 days item or 1 uncommon or rare voucher of some sort. This is super underwhelming - more items should be included in the level-up reward pool. The daily rewards pool also suffers the same problem, with the rewards being too useless.

Level up
You often get useless items after leveling up. This is a feature that Garena needs to improve in Free Fire.

4 - Add more items or a refresh feature to stores

The game is constantly upgraded every month... but these stores barely get any updates. Players often find themselves having enough currency but no good sets to buy. It is vital that these two stores get their goods swapped in and out frequently. A refresh button can also be a great addition as well.

The Guild shop in Free Fire is also a poorly planned feature. Outside of the custom room card, there is barely anything worth buying in the Guild shop. Adding a refresh or new items to the roster would definitely be welcomed by gamers.

Guild store
Guild store could definitely see improvements in Free Fire.

5 - Gifting items or exchanging unneeded items for Diamonds

While this change is somewhat unreasonable, as Free Fire makes money from selling cosmetics... However, the ability to deal with duplicates in a good way might make the game better in the long run.

Currently, there is no way to deal with duplicates besides put them up for display inside the vault or claim them to get scans or useless FF tokens. Players who purchased something they don't need can gift them to players who can actually use these skins.

Abilities to exchange items for diamonds would be welcome improvements in Free Fire.

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