In online multiplayer games, connecting with other players is one of the main experience... this leads to the creation of the ever-popular Guild system. Free Fire is not an exception - it has adopted the guild feature ever since the earliest days of the game.

You would need 5000 coins or 1000 diamonds to create a guild.

Players in Guilds would get various benefits from it, with the biggest one being the ability to buy items in the Guild Shop. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire's Guild Shop system.

1 - About the Guild Shop in Free Fire

As your guild levels up, more and more items in the Guild Shop would be unlocked. Level 1 would unlock 2 items, including the ever-popular Name Change card for your Free Fire. From 2 to 4, each guild level would unlock 3 more items - they can be anything... from weapon crate and vouchers to character fragments.

Guild Shop in Free Fire

Guild level is gained after all members in the guild gain enough Glory through playing. Items quantity is limited - you can only get 5 of each voucher and 10 of each weapon crate. The guild exchange shop would often reset after every big "OB" update. Make sure to buy the items you need beforehand.

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2 - How to get Guild Tokens

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You would need Guild Tokens to exchange for various items in the shop. There are 2 ways for players to acquire Guild Tokens:

Guild Daily Quest

You would get some Guild Tokens after completing any match in duo or squad with your guildmates.

Guild Supplies

These guild supplies would be distributed when any Guildmember buy special airdrops or elite passes. Top-up and memberships do not count - these are limited in numbers so the first one to redeem would get the rewards.

You can get up to 50 tokens max from this.


Guild Tokens can be given away as part of events.

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