There are a lot of skins in Free Fire... of both weapons and cosmetics variant. They can be acquired through multiple sources - from clearing out quests from free Events to paid methods like Diamond Royale or Elite Pass... However, the best and most awesome method to get skins is probably the Incubator - it is a special Luck Royale that rotated out after a while.

Free Fire Highlights Skins

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Highlights Skins from Incubators.

1 - What is the Incubator In Free Fire?

The Incubator is a special Luck Royale that switches in and out after 60 days or 2 months. It can either be weapon skins or bundles - if it is weapon skins, there would be 4 different color variants, each with their own special powers.

Costume Incubator would be the same - all 4 costumes would have the same theme but different details.

2 - How to get Free Fire Highlights Skins in the Incubator?

To redeem an Incubator Prize, you would need Evolution Stones and Blueprints - the minimum is 3 Stones and 1 Blueprint while the maximum is 7 and 3. The Incubator ascends per color in completely random order... decided by Garena.

Free Fire Highlights Skins

Incubator is a completely premium process - Evolution Stones can only be acquired through Elite Pass... while blueprints can only be acquired through topping up. This is why Incubators are usually the most powerful and beautiful skins in the game.

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3 - Top 5 Best Incubator Bundle in Free Fire

Sci-Fi Scar Incubator

This is one of the best Incubators ever released in the game - and in this event, you have the chance to acquire the highly popular Titan Scar, one of the strongest and most beautiful gun skin in the game.

Free Fire Skin Generator

The Ultimate Titan Scar has bonuses in Damage and Rate of Fire, the two best types of bonus... and a negligible Magazine Size demerit. It looks super good as well - the whole thing is covered in futuristic components.

Free Fire Skin
Free Fire Skin Generator: Sci-Fi Scar

Poker MP40 Incubator

The MP40 is the fastest firing weapon in Free Fire... and because of that, a lot of people are fans of the weapon. The Poker Incubator both looks good and improve the gun's power greatly - especially the Eternal Diamond Green Variant.

Maxresdefault 1

With the double bonuses in damage and range, the Eternal Diamond skin pretty much removes all weaknesses of the MP40 in Free Fire. For a gun with a high rate of fire, improvements in damage are much more valuable than more attack speed. The range bonus is useful as well.

Unicorn's Rage AK Incubator

The AK is one of the biggest fan favourite weapons in Free Fire due to its high damage and range... and the Unicorn's Rage AK Incubator can provide some of the best AK skins in the game. They look super good, with a bayonet equipped on the gun's barrel. There is a colored light particle effect weaves around the gun's body as well.

Free Fire Skins
Free Fire Skins: Unicorn's Rage AK

Amongst the five variants, the Golden Era is probably the best, with even more damage and accuracy buff. The AK doesn't really need a high fire rate due to its extreme recoil - people usually just tap the gun to try to get a headshot.

Free Fire Skins

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Evil Pumpkin XM8 Incubator

The XM8 is one of the more popular AR in the game. Come equipped with an x2 Scope in default, you can just pick up this gun and begin to fight right away without having to loot around for a good scope. The XM8 Evil Pumpkin has a pretty good design - it completely changes the gun to an unrecognizable shape. The most striking part is probably the canister on top of the gun - it has a time that leads to the weapon's body.

Free Fire Highlights Skin
Free Fire Highlights Skin 2020: XM8 Evil Pumpkin

The Orange version is probably the best - it has a rare bonus of armor penetration, which is one of the best damage increasing buff in the later phases of the game.

Free Fire Highlights Skin
Free Fire Highlights com Skin Hack: XM8 Evil Pumpkin

Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator

Due to the fact that it is the only automatic shotgun in the game, the M1014 is probably the only shotgun that gets used often. The Apocalyptic M1014 skins boost the M1014's power even further - all variants of it are good in one way or the other.

Free Fire Highlights Skins
Free Fire Highlights Skins: Apocalyptic M1014

The best part of the M1014 Apocalyptic Incubator is the wheels on the gun's body... and how it meshes with the individual particle effect from the guns.

Free Fire Highlights Skins

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