Free Fire has been getting much more popular than PUBG Mobile in the country after its removal from the Indian market. There are a lot of good things that can be said about Free Fire like its low system requirements, fast-paced gameplay, colorful graphics... but the elements that fans like most is probably the skill system.

Free Fire New Character 2020 photo

Every character in Free Fire can be equipped with a set of 4 skills, taken from the character roster that they have acquired in-game. These skills might seem completely unrelated at first... but they can definitely be combined into a set that synergizes with each other. In this article, we would list out some of the best skill combinations for Free Fire New Character 2020.

1 - Best Snipers Skill Combination

Laura + Rafael + Hayato + Any other skills

These 3 skills are the best choice for snipers - especially if you are trying to sniper with a Semi-auto Sniper Rifle like the SVD or a proper Sniper Rifle like the AWM. Laura and Rafael's skills work pretty well together - one would provide a 30% bonus accuracy when scoped in so that you would have an easier time hitting the target... while the other prevents you from getting revealed on the map.

Free Fire New Character 2020 photo

Hayato's skill would provide a decent amount of bonus damage through armor penetration - you can jump down from somewhere to lower your HP and get more damage. The last slot could be anything... but you might as well pick Alok's skill, as he is the most powerful character in the game. A124, Wukong, Paloma and Wolfrahh are great as well.

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2 - Best Assaulter Skill Combination

This is the most common role that a Free Fire player would take - Assaulter usually use AR and SMG, sometimes Shotguns. These are quite a few good combos for this role... and below are the best ones.

Hayato + A124 + Wolfrahh + Any other skills

This is probably the best combo for a 1 vs 1 battle. Wolfrahh's extra limb damage bonus and Hayato's armor-piercing would provide a lot of extra damage, giving you an edge in any duel. You can also activate A124's skill in the midst of battle as well.

Free Fire New Character 2020 photo

K + A124 + Alok + Miguel

Another variant of the combo - this one focuses on sustaining through continuous battle, with all abilities either recover HP or EP. A124's skill works super well with either Miguel or K, as their abilities would recover EP to fuel Thrill of Battle's activation cost.

Free Fire New Character 2020 photo
Free Fire New Character 2020 Photo: K might be the best character released this year

Nikita + Jota + Jai + Alok

If you want to use SMGs as a sidearm for clearing out buildings, picking these 2 skills would definitely work in your favor. Jota's instant heal ability is pretty overpowered - you can even fight multiple enemies using it in combination with Jai's ability. The drawback is that it can only be used with shotgun and SMGs, of course. Nikita's ability would boost your already fast reload time.

Free Fire New Character 2020 Photo
Free Fire New Character 2020: Jai is the first Indian based character

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3 - Best Supporter Skill Combination

This role is required in Duo or Squad, with one member of the team picking support skills and pets to support his teammates.

Alok + Kapella + K + Notora + Falcon or Rockie Pet

K and Alok combined can restore a whopping 100 HP for the whole team in a 6 meters radius - this is actually absurd, especially when buffed with Kapella's 10% bonus heal. When combined with a bonfire, you can heal even more. Notora's ability is an infinite healing skill - everyone in the vehicle you are driving would get 1HP/s.

Free Fire New Character 2020 Photo

Falcon is the best pet for the whole team - it would let your squad land faster on the map, which is crucial for early game battles.

4 - Other worth mentioning combos

Luqueta + Wolfrahh

These two skills would get stronger over time as you get kills. The early game would be tougher of course, but after you are able to stack up some kill, your HP and damage would be boosted and later phases of the match would be much easier.

Free Fire New Character 2020 Photo

Notora + Misha

The best combo for driving - you would be able to drive around at maximum speed while healing everyone inside the car. Misha's skill also reduced damage taken in vehicles as well.

Joseph + Ford

You would be able to stay out in the safe zone with Ford' ability in the first few rounds... and Joseph's passive would give you a 20% movement speed constantly while you take damage from the zone.

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