Chrono has been the favorite character for many players in Free Fire ever since he was released even though he was nerfed recently. His ability can give you the ultimate protection for 8 seconds with a great movement speed boost, which is insanely good in a head-on battle.

However, Free Fire has a large collection of characters with all kinds of abilities. In this article, we are going to show you 5 characters who are just as strong as Chrono in the OB29 update.

1. Alok

Alok is the most used character in the last year in Free Fire, simply because he is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His ability to create a 5m circle that heals players and increases their movement speed. With high mobility and regeneration, he is an amazing character for all situations.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The Active Skill Drop The Beat Of Dj Alok

2. Skyler

Skyler is one of the newer characters in Free Fire. His ability can destroy all Gloo Wall in front of him. In addition, whenever he uses a Gloo Wall he will get HP regeneration. His ability can cover up both the offensive and the defensive aspects. Skyler is especially strong when using with Mr. Waggor to get more Gloo Wall.

Skyler character in Free Fire

3. K

K is the character with the strongest healing ability in Free Fire. His ability allow you to switch between 2 modes, Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. The Psychology Mode increases his EP passively every 2 seconds while the Jiujitsu Mode allows him to consume his EP 5 times faster.

It is not exaggerated to say that he has unlimited healing power. It is also hard to take him down quickly when he can consume EP so fast.

Free Fire Captain Booyah Character
K character in Free Fire

4. A124

A124 is one of the few free-to-play characters in Free Fire with strong active ability. Her skill allows you to consume your EP at a really fast rate while having a really low cooldown. She makes a really good combo with Miguel so you won't run out of EP. You can also refer to more A124 skill combos for different situations.

A124 character in Free Fire

5. Wukong

After the recent buff, Wukong is now a great character to get close to the enemy. His ability will turn him into a bush for 15 seconds. It also disables the enemy's auto-aim, making it harder for them to lock onto you. Moreover, whenever you take down an enemy, the cooldown will reset so you can use it again immediately.

Wukong Free Fire 1
After the buff, Wukong is now a great character for close-range combat

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