Garena has brought a lot of changes related to character skills in the OB27 and OB28 patch, including a massive overhaul for A124's ability. Thrill of Battle was massively buffed - It now quickly convert 60 EP into HP in 4s with a 10s CD. You can activate the skill constantly now with that low cooldown, as long as you have enough EP to pay the cost.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 3 best skill combos for A124 in Free Fire OB28.

1 - Close range Rusher build

A124 + Miguel + Shirou + Kelly Awakened

Overall, the A124 + Miguel combo is a staple to provide you with enough EP to activate your heal constantly. For each kill, Miguel's Crazy Slayer gives you a whopping 80 EP, 30% more than the cost of a single Thrill of Battle activation. His passive is amongst the perfect skill combos for A124.

Kelly Awakened
Kelly Awakened is hard to use but effective when mastered.

Shirou and Kelly awakened are the perfect combo for rushing, especially with high damage weapons like Shotguns or AK. Upon activation, Shirou's skill gives you 100% armor penetration for one shot... and Kelly's skill boosts its damage. You can probably one-shot people with a burst and this combo.

2 - Mid-range Assaulter build

A124 + Miguel + Hayato + Laura

Besides the aforementioned A124 + Miguel combo, we have Hayato + Laura, one of the best combos for using Assault Rifles and DMRs. With this skill set, you should be able to duel and burst fire enemies from a safe distance.

In this build, A124's ability serves as an emergency heal and after combat heal. You need to try to engage in aim duels as much as possible.

Free Fire Laura
Laura is great in combos with A124.

3 - Long range Sniper build

A124 + Miguel + Maro + Dasha

Overall, A124's ability is not really something you usually use in long-range fights. In this kind of fight, you rarely take damage and therefore do not need healing. However, if you plan on changing your build later in the match, this long range sniper build is a good hybrid.

Besides the A124 + Miguel combo, Maro and Dasha are the two best skills to improve the power of a DMR/Sniper rifle. The former's ability outright increases the already high damage that the sniper deals... and the latter reduce recoil and recoil build up.

With Dasha's ability, you can also rotate from one vantage point to another without taking fall damage.

Dasha is a great addition to any sniper builds.

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Bonus tips

It is best to find a way to secure EP when using A124's ability. Ottero and Shiba Inu pets come to mind. The first pet has an ability named Double Blubber that allows players to recover EP when using the Treatment Gun or a Med Kit. The EP recovered is fairly substantial - 50% of the healed HP... which is useful for A124.

The Shiba Inu pet sniffs out the mushrooms in the Free Fire map every minute or so. With it equipped, you should be able to get to the nearest mushroom to gather and increase your EP.

Shiba pet in Free Fire

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