The unique character and skill system is what separates Garena Free Fire from other Mobile Battle Royale in the market. They have been continuously adding more characters, each with a different ability, story, and background.

Free Fire A124 Character
Free Fire A124 Character is one of the best if you want to climb rank fast

In the OB17 patch released on August 14, 2019, Garena Free Fire introduced a new character named A124. In this article, we are going to learn everything about Free Fire A124 Skill, from backstory, ability, strategy, and more. Tips, tricks, and skill combinations are also included as well.

1 – Free Fire A124 Character’s Background Story

A124 is the most advanced Android in the world, created by a mysterious evil organization for their sinister plans. From body to face to AI, she’s pretty much a perfect being. However, the organization has made a fatal mistake: they underestimated A124’s AI. It grew too human-like and cracked the code of the steel body to go rogue. Afterward, A124 joins the survival battle in Free Fire to find herself and prove that she’s as human as anyone could be. Her AI has two personalities: an 18 years old teenage girl version and a killer robot version.

A124’s unique skill, Thrill of Battle, converts her EP into HP at an extreme speed during fights. This ability made her one of the most durable characters in the game… as long as you can keep your EP up.

Free Fire A124 Character
Free Fire new character A124: She's not that expensive

2 – Free Fire A124 Skill and how to use it

A124’s almost instant heal is what makes her so deadly – there is almost no instant heal in Free Fire, and characters with that skill usually have massive drawbacks. Usually, healing in Free Fire is over time, which is rather useless in combat or too weak to actually matter. You can’t use a medkit while getting fired at, after all. With "Thrill of Battle", you can just pop it in the middle of combat then do whatever you want. The drawback of this powerful ability is that you have to fuel it with EP from mushrooms.

free fire a124 character skill
Free Fire A124 character skill is rather fitting for her nature of being a robot: converting energy to HP

Below are the unlockables when you level A124 up.

  • LEVEL 1: Quickly convert 25 EP into HP, CD: 90s
  • LEVEL 2: Quickly convert 30 EP into HP, CD: 75s
  • LEVEL 3: Quickly convert 35 EP into HP, CD: 80s
  • LEVEL 4: Quickly convert 40 EP into HP, CD: 70s
  • LEVEL 5: Unlock AI Jacket
  • LEVEL 6: Quickly convert 45 EP into HP, CD: 65s
  • LEVEL 7:  Unlock A124’s Banner
  • LEVEL 8: Quickly convert 50 EP into HP, CD: 60s

As we can see from the above list, the skill drastically improved with level. At maximum, it heals twice as much and you can use it much more frequently in the same amount of time. If you have gotten A124, it is vital to get this skill up as soon as possible.

free fire a124 character power
Free Fire A124 character power is super useful in a lot of circumstances

It is best to activate Thrill of Battle during combat or right before it so that the heal would kick in as enemies fire at you. With this ability, you would have 50 more HP than your enemy, which can be a deciding factor in a 1 vs 1 fight. You can also activate it to heal normally outside of combat if you expect to be shot and need to get high HP fast.

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3 – What to use in combination with A124's skill?

Kapella's special passive skill Healing Song comes to mind when a heal-centric character is mentioned. when combined with this, A124's ability would heal 10% more - giving even more value for your 50 EP.

For getting EP to fuel your skill, you have two options - getting mushrooms or earn it after each kill using Miguel's ability "Crazy Slayer". At max level, Crazy Slayer would give your character 45 EP for a kill, almost enough to activate Thrill of Battle. Maxim's Gluttony ability can assist you in consuming mushroom faster.

free fire a124 character skill
Free Fire new character A124 has one of the best design yet

To find more mushrooms, however, the most efficient way is to use the pet Shiba Inu. Its Mushroom Sense ability would automatically mark a mushroom on the map every few minutes for you to find. For the ability to be effective, you must also level it up, however.

free fire a124 character in real life
Free Fire A124 character in real life: A cosplay of A124's skin

In combat, with A124's skill being the best in 1 vs 1 situation, strong passives like Hayato's armor-piercing "Bushido" or Alok's massively OP heal "Drop the Beat" would be the best choice. Outside of that, you can just pick whatever based on your current weapon. Laura and Rafael for Sniper Rifles, Jota and Nikita for SMGs... etc.

4 – What gun to use on A124?

A124 is actually pretty flexible, with no restrictions on weapons or resources. The weapon you pick should depend on your playstyle, however, if you are going to play on the advantage provided by her ability, some close/medium range weapons like SMGs or ARs would be the best. If you are going to snipe from afar, this ability has no use at all.

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